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eMac to be Discontinued?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 20, 2003.

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    Rumor posted on Apple's discussion forum:

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    hmm. . .

    really? cool, now my computer will be even more worthless!
  3. TMA
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    That would be a shame if its true, I quite like the eMac and it is a good mac (with a good price) for educational institutes. Though if Apple can come up with something even better I'm not complaining :)
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    Then my computer will become the next cube someday :p

    All kidding aside I am not sure how much I believe they will faze out the eMac. The display problems (and I have had them as well) seem to have been fixed by replacing the ivad cable. In my program, Graphic Design, it has been recommended that we buy the eMac for color matching. I figure if there is widespread acceptance at schools like mine across the board this product must have been at least moderately successful. If they do faze it out, I wonder what they will replace it with.

    However, it would make sense that they are fazing it out since they didn't get speed bumps or any new bells and whistles when the iMacs were ugraded, just a price drop.

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    Why no consumer desktop sans monitor to replace?

    you know, this may be a dumb question, but if they do discontinue the eMac does anyone think that there is any chance in hades that Apple will eventually release a low priced desktop without a monitor included? Since I really don't think that there is a chance, can someone please tell me why Apple won't release a low cost consumer desktop without all of the power of the PowerMac. I'd really like to know the reasons why. . .
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    Are they going to discontiune the eMac line or the current models?
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    Ok, great, now I'm nervous.

    My wife's new eMac just arrived at our doorstep not even 20 minutes ago. Just how wide-spread are these display issues?
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    For what it's worth, I just verified that Elitegroup is quite merrily running one shift per day of production on eMacs, and has no indication that this pace will change.

    This rumor needs moved to "Page 3." It's 100% fiction.
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    Don't be nervous

    The chances that your display will just completely go out are pretty low. . . the chances that you will have the wavy lines may be a little higher but the chances that you'll have a healthy and perfectly fine eMac are much much better.
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    Checking quickly with contacts at SmallDog, MacAuthority, and two Apple retail stores, I have found out that the problem (A) was widespread, but (B) was fixed in all eMacs produced after about the 2nd week of December. Thus, any eMac purchased now from a reasonably high volume reseller should be just fine. You can check the build date for your eMac to be sure it was made after mid-December. If so, it's good to go.

    Even if it's an earlier build, and has the screen problem, it's covered under warranty.

    Hope this helps.
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    Apple Store Rumors..

    I think those who post rumors that originate in Apple Retail Stores should be flogged. I mean what does an employee at an Apple store really have access to. Not much. They _may_ know something the day before when they get a box but other than that, nothing. Thats like saying the guy at 7-11 has the inside scoop on the winning lottery numbers.

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    Centris 650

    Could he be mistaken? Looprumors.com is posting that the iMac Classic (Snow) will be discontinued.

    I can't see the eMac being discontinued since 1) has an attractive price and 2) Is geared for the educational market. I really can't imagine that Apple would discontinue a product for a market and not replace it quickly.
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    This makes much more sense - I can see the iMac CRT going away before I can see the eMac going away. In somw ways I'm surprised it hasn't gone away already.
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    the emac, unfortunately, isn't going away. the snow iMac will probably depart in the next month or two, i think...

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    Why is it unfortunate that it's not going away? Why would you want this machine to go away?
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    The eMac is one of those in-between products like the Cube, which deosn't really fit. We have G3 iMacs, G4 iMacs, and high-end PowerMacs. There isn't much more that you could need.
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    Thanks for the info guys. You rock. :)

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but, looprumors.com has a tidbit up about the snow iMac being axed soon, and even goes to say that "Apple is said to make the transition [to an all-LCD lineup] complete by late summer."
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    I have done some digging though education channels. As I work for a university, and I am an authorized purchasing agent, here is what I found.

    eMac in all configs are listed as available for purchase with a 2 to 3 week time.

    The G3 iMac is not even on my store. I click on it, and I get taken to the eMac.

    Could be in for an eMac update of some minor sort, hence the delay. And the G3 mac seems destined for the history books.

    Plus, Apple DID say that no OS 9 bootable Macs would be sold in 2003. That has got to mean that the G3 iMac is on the way out.

    There was not a significant cost savings between a G3 iMac and an G4 eMac with so much more. Andin the case of my university, the 'bulk' cost of units makes the FP iMac the biggest seller. In fact, we buy 5 iMacs for every eMac and ZERO iMacs. And our cost for an G3 iMac at education retail is MORE than out discounted FP iMac cost in 100 unit lots (although I am sure the G3 would be cheaper in 100 unit lots).

    For what its worth.....
  19. MOM
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    replace G3 iMac with iCheap

    It would be nice if Apple would replace the G3 iMac with a monitor-less (think ibook without the screen) CPU for a very cheap price. There is a thread on the "iCheap" at Mac-in-touch that reflects many peoples wishes for such a unit. I think schools with old and donated CRTs would love a very cheap solution to get new Macs on their tables.
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    Some more thoughts:
    Without discounts the cheapest eMac for education is:
    PowerPC G4
    128MB SDRAM
    40GB Ultra ATA drive
    CD-ROM drive
    No Modem

    Amazingly, many schools are snapping these up even with the anemic 128 megs of RAM. Remember most schools STILL purchase Macs for OS 9.
    A more usable options is this:
    PowerPC G4
    128MB SDRAM40GB Ultra ATA drive
    Combo drive (DVD/CD-RW)
    56K internal modem
    Discounted from $999 retail price

    Still anemic in the RAM and not acceptable for OS X IMO.
    When for this price most education instituions can get the iMac for : (in fact its often LESS for universities than this price even)

    15-inch LCD flat screen
    800MHz PowerPC G4
    NVIDIA GeForce2 MX
    32MB DDR video memory
    256MB SDRAM
    60GB Ultra ATA hard drive
    10/100BASE-T Ethernet
    56K V.92 internal modem
    Apple Pro Speakers
    AirPort Ready
    Bluetooth Optional

    Discounted from $1,299 retail price

    This increases speed, doubles ram, increases harddrive, for not too much more. As I said the price point in bulk is even smaller.

    So, either Apple has realized most schools using X go with the iMac or they have decided the eMac does not really fir the bill in its current incarnation and needs a refresh of sorts.
    I think that is more likely. iMacs can be too fragile for touch classrooms while the eMac is a workhorse in these environs.

    Hopefully we will see a quiet refresh of the eMac with speed, RAM, and a lower cost. But the need is still present for a sturdy under 1K machine.

    by eliminating the G3 and the lower power G4 they elimnate any excuses to keep 9 in schools. I know of one major CA university thattakes new G4s and erases X and installes 9 over it. Ugg.
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    At the moment it seems that Apple cant really afford to get rid of the eMac because of their falling market share in the education sector. Well unless they bring out something new, but i doubt that really.

    And also the fact that microsoft poured a lot of money worth of software into that market recently.. this is not the greatest time.

    Edit : Interesting points are made though in the post above.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    I think the emac was a quick solution to the fact that Lcd prices did not fall as apple expected and even increased hence them raising the imac price when they first came out. Now it seems they are falling and if this continues then what purpose does a emac hold? look at the imacs right now, all they have to do is keep on dropping the price. Steve did say the crt was dead and notice the classic imac and the emac have not been updated. Classic will be gone soon( though ill allways miss it ) emac will be gone by the end of this year? cheaper Lcd imacs to come and the 970 on the horizon. Now how about a super cube?
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    Wow everyone seem really down on the eMac. I love my eMac, it looks cool, the speakers sound good, the display despite the one time raster shift problem is quite striking. Flat pannels are nice, but I still like CRTs. If I had a pro tower I would probably still buy a CRT, especially in my field.

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    I think they should "revamp" the emac and make it available once again to only the education field.
    Bring out a new dektop that would fill the "cheaper" market under the iMac.
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    Like vanillamike, I also love my eMac and I don't understand why everyone is so down on it.

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