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eMac USB 2.0 Airport Extreme Card

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by gregjb, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    My university was tossing an eMac so I decided to take it. I put Leopard on it (10.5) and purchased an Airport Extreme PCI Card (A1026). I followed the instructions here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2596?viewlocale=en_US to a T, and no luck. System Profiler doesn't recognize the card. So, I decided to take the card out and put it back in while the computer was on. The computer came up with the black screen that says I need to restart the computer; however, upon restart it still doesn't recognize the card.

    So, I'm thinking that to some extent, the computer senses the card, but does not recognize it.

    Any ideas?

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    The card MUST click twice when you push it in once when you place it in the slot so you can attach the antenna and the second click when you push it all the way in so only this little plastic flap lurks out ,otherwise it does not connect to all connections, so it is important and needs a bit more force then you might think to seat the airport extrem card in place

    had the same expereince when i fitted mine , i thought aha it clicked , i attached the antenna and thought its ok now skrewed the plate back on and nothing no card , so i opend it several times and closed it again checked antenna is in place then at the 4th or 5th try ... uh it does go further in and makes an second click and hey now it shows up in the system
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    Thanks for the reply. I tried pushing it in as hard as I possibly can, but to no avail :-/

    It doesn't seem to click twice.
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    the airport express card should be so far in that you can not see her any more if you look down to the tray , you only should see the flap thingy attached to the card
    and it should look like you cant pull her out again because about half the card is covered by the white front of the emac, i needed a bigger flat screwdriver to push her in complete she did resist to go in place but i did not give up and works perfect now

    and are you absolute sure its the right card ? as apple has so many airport extrem cards as they have macs
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the right card; it's the A1026 PCI card. You used a flat screwdriver to push on the back of the card? I'll try that. This is strange, though, I wonder if the card is defective.
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    yes i used the screwdriver (dont cut the card in half), because on other forums back then it was mentioned that with your fingers unless you have very small and strong ones you cant really push in far enough

    and as the airport express are not sold any longer by apple to my knowlege the only way to get one is ebay or other auction sites or craiglist ...
    so it could well be someone sold you a not working one , there is profit to be made, as here they go for up to £40 on ebay which is about $60

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