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email + music

Discussion in 'iPod' started by rye9, Apr 5, 2006.

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    Is it possible to email music?
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    Sure. Attach the MP3 file.

    If you embed it in the email so it plays when it is viewed, I can hardly think of something that would be more annoying than that. I would killl someone who did that to me.
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    Sending Apple Lossless files over e-mail is also generally frowned on...although I don't personally condone killing people. :)
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    some mail servers limit attachment size, i've seen limits as low as 2 mb, but im sure some are even lower. *.mp3 > 2mb = no email in that case.
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    Yep, just attach the music file as an attachment to the e-mail. But as nattyz has said, there could be a size limitation. :)
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    Sure, but free email accounts like Yahoo and Gmail allow 10MB atachments and paid services often allow larger ones.
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    What is Mail's limitations for size?
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    The attachment size limitation has nothing to do with the mail program you use, it's determined by your ISP.
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    To my knowledge, Mail doesn't have a built-in limitation on attachment size...I have no idea why it would. Limitations are imposed by the service providing the e-mail access (both incoming or outgoing). Mail is simply a program for reading that e-mail.

    Edit: Missed it by *that* much!
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    My account is aol... does anyone know the limitations for AOL?
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    16 MB, perhaps?

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