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Email 'n Walk: Keeping an Eye on What's in Front of You

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 15, 2009.

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    CNET highlights Email 'n Walk [App Store, Free for a Limited Time], a new application that utilizes the iPhone's camera and a transparent window to allow users to compose e-mails while keeping an eye on what's going on front of them.

    As the application's developers note, users should obviously observe caution while using the application and remain aware of what is going on around them at all times. While the application could certainly be of some use while stationary or possibly walking, attempting to use the application while biking or driving, for example, would be incredibly unwise, needless to say.

    Article Link: Email 'n Walk: Keeping an Eye on What's in Front of You
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    Lol, whatever next!?! At first I thought 'how would seeing the ground I'm walking on help me?' Then I realised you'd need to hold it in front of you...

    Slow day for me.
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    Although this would take away the fun of bumping into people, it's a pretty good idea. Gotta love it when people try and find solutions to problems. Even silly ones like walking and emailing. :D
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    I thought the SDK agreeent wouldn't let you

    use the camera & an app at the same time?
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    This is great. I notice while I'm driving I have to keep looking up and that makes me misspell sometimes.
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    clever idea!
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    Now they have to make a similar app for SMS. :D
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    Who holds their phone vertically in front of them whilst emailing people?
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    Yeah, lets see how long it takes for Apple to shut this one down.


    Now that I can see thru it, I do.;)
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    Nice app. I really like it!, and is free!! How great is that?
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    Are you seriously so busy that you don't have a second to stop and write your e-mail?
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    well i for one like when people think outside the box and try and solve problems that they have ran into

    kudos to the developers
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    This may be brand new, and in it's current form, lacking severely, BUT with much improvement, I could see this as a HUGE benefit to society in the future.
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    Unspoken Demise

    Wow. This is really clever. I wish I had thought of it. :eek:
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    Do this for SMS, and you've got a paying customer here.
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    You can use the camera in your app. You just can't silently take pictures without prompting the user if they want to keep it or delete it. This app follows all the rules, unless it's randomly taking pictures without letting the user know.
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    as opposed to holding it horizontally or upside down? I think its a great idea, just couldnt see myself using it. I've taught myself to touch type and can now type without looking. Quick read through at the end to check for mistakes and send!
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    You can't send text to the SMS app like you can the Email app. With email you use the mailto: link and it will send the text/address and populate an email message. There's no URL for creating an SMS.
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    How long until we hear about someone run over by a bus while using this? :rolleyes:
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    Downloading right now, but part of me wishes they were initially charging for this. I want to show my support for developers who actually are identifying problems (albeit small in this case) and coming up with solutions. I'm not as impressed with the actual app as I am with the fact that someone took the time to think through things. (unlike 90% of the apps on the App Store)
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    They should have used the transparent keyboard!
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    Downloading now. I will give it a try. It is a great idea. I just hope people really don't try this too much while driving. :eek: It may seem like it might work out ok, but I don't think it is such a good idea. Walking is ok though.
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    Santa Rosa

    Its a really innovative app and quite a smart idea. How much use its got I don't know but I would think that using that app must eat battery!!
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    haha for real??
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    Unspoken Demise

    Yep, like a fat kid eats cake I bet. But in all seriousness, its a good step forward for app development.

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