EMail subfolders for POP 3 account?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Fatyank, Feb 16, 2008.

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    I have 2 email acccounts configured on my Touch. One is GMail and the other is POP3. They both send and receive fine. On the GMail account all settings were automatically pulled down for me including subfolders i.e. Spam,Trash, All, etc... On my POP3 account the settings were pulled off my laptop but only the Inbox and Trash folders were created. I sent some emails from the POP3 and a Sent folder was created. I am trying to create subfolders to move emails from the Inbox to them i.e. Personal, Business, Family etc... When you have a email open there is an option to move it to another folder, I just have not figured out how to create those other folders. Right now all my received emails are sitting in my Inbox. Not a problem except I have to scroll through a bunch of emails to find the one I want instead of having it in a specific folder. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance. :):)
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    Clarifying my post

    I reread my post and thought maybe I should clarify what I am looking for. When I open mail on my Touch and tap on the POP3 account there are 3 choices of mailboxes (not called folders on the touch, sorry thats an Outlook thing). The only 3 I can get are Inbox, Sent and Trash. I would like to create more "mailboxes" to seperate my emails as I have on my laptop instead of just having them all in Inbox. My GMail account automatically set up the same mailboxes on my touch that are on my GMail web account. I've scoured the user guide, this forum with no luck yet. I hope someone out there can help!!:(:(:(:confused::confused:
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    I'm having the exact same problem. Would like to create sub-folders but haven't figured it out.

    Any help?
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    Subfolders for EMail

    Hey Ramnj. I've had no luck. I did go back through the manual, actually I was looking for something else, and I saw where it said that only IMAP accounts would show subfolders. I am far from being an expert on which email account is which, I just know my one is a POP3. That's the one I use with Outlook. I honestly don't know what type GMail is, just know that the first time I connected to it using my Touch, it downloaded all the folders that show up in GMail (All, Spam, Starred, Trash etc........). I'm hoping someone with EMail expertise has an answer.
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