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EMI Going Bust - Non-DRM Future?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by SpaceMagic, May 22, 2007.

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    A Private Equity firm is in the process of a take over bid of EMI, which is in financial trouble...


    What's to happen to our no - DRM future?? The equity firm may tighten DRMs if it feels that's the way it's losing money through piracy. I hope not, it'll be a step backwards in my view.
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    The EMI deal is, from what's been reported so far, a Good Thing. First and foremost, it keeps the company out of the hands of WMG. Second, word is that Hands intends to keep the current management team intact. Third, the stated plans are to keep both the recording and publishing arms, again keeping WMG out of the loop.
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    Its their fault for treating their customers like crap all these years. Too little too late in my opinion, now will Steve buy the rights to EMI's artists? :apple: music :)
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    Unfortunately, it looks like the non-drm thing from EMI was a last-ditch effort to save a dying company. Fortunately, it has set a precedent and hopefully the rest of the industry will follow.

    As for whether iTunes will still have non-drm tracks, I doubt Apple would have made an announcement if they didn't have everything finalized and in writing. And the whole non-drm thing has been huge in the news. If they backed out now, the only effect I could see would be completely killing the companies public image. Also, it's not like Apple was going to be the only one to sell EMI tracks drm-free.
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    And we heard "May" for that to happen. Today marks the 22nd. Really pushing those timelines.
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    Welcome to the world of Apple...
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    yep, if they say may, they mean the last day/week in may, not the first. iPhone won't launch in the first two weeks of June either.
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    God forbid we all go out and buy CD's...(for the time being :rolleyes: )
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    hmm, if i can get the tracks online for cheaper, and in an more easily delivered method, i am. CDs are good and all, but they do take up a lot of space once you amass 200+.

    plus i'd rather not deal with the people in the stores. :p
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    Haha, I definitely know where you're coming from there :)
    For some reason the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons popped into my head...
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    Hands has already said the equity firm wants EMI to go ahead with it's digital online plans because they believe that's the future of music and making a profit.

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