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End of Shake, Phenomenon in 2008?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jun 21, 2006.

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    With the news that Shake 4.1's release brought a $2500 price drop to the popular compositing application, most people seem to have missed a less publicized consequence of the release.

    This will be the last released version of Shake. This surprising end to Shake was predicted by a Page 2 Rumor along with some new details about this next generation application.

    The upcoming high-end compositing replacement software is codenamed Phenomenon and will reportedly be based on the current Motion code, but will build off users existing Shake experience and knowledge. The most unusual aspect of this cross-over is that the new software is not expected until 2008.
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    I'm surprised that Shake is leaving us (if true) but it will be exciting to see what this new "Phenonmenon" app has to offer.

    Perhaps one of the reasons of a 2008 release is based on how powerful it will be and the significant system requirements which will be required - perhaps minimum requirements to run Phenonmenon smoothly will be 4 GB of RAM and an 8-core processor. :eek: ;) :cool:
  3. arn
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    That quote comes from Apple, so Shake is definitely done.

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    sounds cool

    i'll have to try shake some time.
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    what we don't know, is if the new "next generation" software (codenamed "Phenomenon") is going to be released as Shake as well, which could make us look dumb for saying that Shake is done even though the new product will be totally re-written. The quote does say "next generation of Shake composting software"...

    EDIT: for those who are into this type of thing: digg this
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    count chocula

    i'm kinda surprised that they arent going to have anything until 2008. that's going to be some really impressive software i bet.
  7. arn
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    If so, it's a very odd way to say it. "no further software updates are planned"

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    Ah, okay, gotcha, didn't know if that was quoted directly from Apple or not. In that case, yes, the whole timing issue does indeed make things interesting. What will fill the gap, so to speak, until this new app is out? I guess users will have to be content with using this current version of Shake for their needs for the next couple of years, potentially. Either that, or future versions of Motion will incorporate more of Shake's functionality, improve on them, and may turn into the tool of choice.
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    Could it be that "Phenomenon" has hardware specs that don't exist on the pro/consumebr level yet? That could explain the 2008 timeframe.
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    No more Linux version-unless Apple has been doing a secret PC motion port.
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    Yeah, you wouldn't think Apple would word it that way if "Phenonmenon" was simply a codename or working title for Shake 5. ;) As a result, I'm expecting some cool, new revolutionary software. It's a shame it won't be out until 2008 (if that date is in fact accurate) but at least it implies Apple is taking their time on this to do it right. Either that, or their software developers are far too busy working on another killer app that we don't even know about for the next little while. :eek: ;) Seriously, developing professional software like this is a large, complex undertaking so I think the timing is somehwat reasonable. Realistic, if nothing else. :cool:
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    Hey... it could have been written by a software engineer ;)
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    You should read the previous posts in a thread (especially where there are only 7 of them!) before you post so you don't risk repeating exactly what someone else has said already - let alone in the very first post of the thread. :p ;) :D

    Yes, the system requirements for the current version Motion itself are quite demanding, so I could easily see an application of this nature having some heavy duty requirements as well. :cool:
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    "In THAT BUILDING right there, we've been developing a version of Motion for Vista all along- just in case."
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    so if you don't mind my asking.... what exactly is shake? I've heard the name around, but I'm not clear on what it does, how popular it is, etc.

    Seems to me that telling us there's going to be nothing more for a long time is a bad plan, isn't it? Drive people away from the platform, or wait until the release in 2008, which is a long way off.
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    It's a complement to FCP and performs digital compositing. You can read all about it here. :cool:

    Tough to say - at least it's UB. ;) :cool:
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    Vista Only

    "Phenomenon" will run only on Windows Vista, that's why it will ship on 2008. (or later...) :p :) :)
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Shake big news in the video industry? It seems to me that Apple is pulling an iPod Nano here, pulling the plug on a successful product at the height of it's popularity. One can only hope that this "phenomenon" is just that and knocks everyone's socks off.
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    My thoughts exactly, shake was used in Lord of the Rings and King Kong and other major titles. Seems a little strange to be killing off shake when it is used by so many studios. Apple, don't pull another aperture 1.0 on us. :(
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    I don't know if I'd call it a complement to FCP. I'd guess that 90% of the time Shake is used on a project, FCP is not used on it. Most feature films, for example, are edited with Avid. (see my response here)

    What is intriguing is the the Final Cut Extreme rumors. If Apple does intend to compete with Avid on the very high-end level, a Shake replacement would fit in nicely. Shake is, after all, a very high-end application.
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    After re-reading what I said, I wasn't clear in what I meant - thanks for the clarification, you are correct. :)
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    Here is a partial list of films using Shake:

    The Lord of the Rings
    King Kong
    Harry Potter
    War of the Worlds
    Star Wars Episode III
    Fantastic 4
    Mission Impossible 3
    The Incredibles
    Pirates of the Caribbean 2
    Cinderella Man

    And here's a quote from a press release from Apple in 2004:

    “We’re thrilled that for seven years in a row, movies created with Shake have won the Oscar for best visual effects,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Shake is helping Hollywood film editors communicate their vision and deliver their art at an Academy Award winning level. We couldn't be happier.”
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    Looking forward to seeing what the Shake replacement will offer. Sounds exciting.
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    That's what I thought, though I didn't realize it was that big. I really hope Apple knows what they're doing, because if they do kill a successful program like this and don't release an alternative until 2008, then they are leaving the door wide open for some other company to come in and stomp all over them.
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    Hope buying now will get me a future upgrade discount. Oh, and I could use it now for a feature I'm editing, learning curve be damned!. Excellent!

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