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Engadget just got an invite!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by berkleeboy210, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Engadget just received an invite for Next Tueday's Event "Let's Rock!" at 10am in San francisco.

    Woo Hoo!
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    Here's a pic.

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    And what does this have to do with laptops??
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    Cave Man

    Woo-hoo. More iPods. Blah! :mad:
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    WTF?! An Apple event?! Explain!! If it is i can't ****ing wait:D waitet for like 3 months for the macbook pro refresh!
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    Wow! For once, the rumours were true!
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    This is wonderful news. *cough*
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    Apple Ink


    P.S.: Why doesnt anyone call MR? Isnt MR considered as 'Media'?
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    When there are like 1000 rumors, one of them eventually has to be true.
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    Apple Ink

    Anyone notice they've rated their event as 5 star!

    Guess anything non iPod?
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    "Let's Rock" doesn't sound hopeful for new notebooks :(

    I'm still keeping my fingers crossed!
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    It's what they're going to be made of...
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    This 4G Nano might keep me from buying a Zune. I have a fondness of the stretched screens.
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    Everyone in the audience should get a free gift at the door......a rock. They should get a rock to throw towards the stage when they retire the iPod Phatty, and bring back the iPod: Zune edition.
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    Apple Ink

    Im with you abstract!
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    So there is an event for iPods. :rolleyes:
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    yup, not sure what all of these people waiting for notebooks are so excited about:confused:
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    According to appleinsider, the mac refresh wont be until october.
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    1. This thread belongs in the iPod forum, not here.
    2. This announcement is already on page 1 of MacRumors.
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    whatever they're gonna announce, I think it'll be something new and special. Apple just know how to sell. Their products always sound so good during their product launch presentation. Whee!!
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    Hahaha, that's the funniest thing I've read on MacRumors in a long time.
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    I'm sure the OP was hoping this was a computer event, and it was also posted before the announcement on front page.
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    One more thing:


    jk g'nite

    (audience dies)

    I just know it. If steve tries to pull out anything thinner than a macbook air it will be invisible.
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    Minimoose 360

    I really hope after all the iPod shenanigans he does say: "But wait....


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