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Englebart, inventor of the mouse passes away

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by firewood, Jul 3, 2013.

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    My highest regards to his family and loved ones. May his brilliant mind rest in peace.
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    Sad that this isn't even reported on the news page. Without him, we wouldn't have the Xerox PARC and definitely not the Macintosh. So much of what we do on computing, we owe to this man and this team.

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    What a visionary! I watched that video last night and it blew me away that he used a mouse, a monitor, cut & paste, etc., etc., YEARS ahead of my fellow calculus students sharing an exasperating monitorless terminal, and friends walking around HS with stacks of punch cards. It's like over a decade later we were all still wandering in the dark and he had already reached the light ages before.

    He was a giant.
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    What a really incredible guy, he will be greatly missed. I've been reading about him on Ars today, his list of accomplishments is impressive.

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