Entryl level iMac 2012 and Photoshop

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Ademordna, Nov 29, 2012.

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    I am planning on purchasing the base model iMac with 16gb ram when it comes available. I will only be using this machine for photoshop cs6 work.

    What I will be using this computer for:
    10x8 canvas digital painting with Wacom, often intensive layer work and using mostly jpeg files. I also plan to write to an external HDD. Averagel size of my images is around 4000 pixels.....around 2.5 mb.

    Does this sound workable to those who are familiar with PS cs6?
    This will be a new software upgrade for me so I am unfamiliar with the actual demands it may put on a system.

    I don't work with video or RAW, and won't be using this system for web or any other apps, but I am still concerned about the 5400rpm drive. Do you think this is workable?
    (please excuse typo in thread title!)
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    You'll be fine. I have a mid 2011 entry level with 12Gb of RAM and I do intensive graphic design work with Ps CS5, Ai, and Id running at the same time on dual monitors. I never get any hiccups.
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    Thanks! That's good to know. There's so much focus on the Fusion drives right now, but I'm not terribly convinced that I shall need one for PS-only work.
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    I agree with Charcoalwerks.

    You will be amazed at how well it will work. Put all fears aside.

    The fusion drive looks great on paper, not really sure if it makes that much of a difference at human speeds.

    My computer starts up in about a second and the only time I get a little stutter from it is when it starts time machine backups while I'm previewing working website chrome(desktop1), writing code (desktop2), previewing working website safari(desktop3), git version control source tree(desktop4), photoshop with multiple panels open (desktop5), pandora and email (desktop6).

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    Thankyou - all that I need now is for Apple to release the new iMac!
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    I agree with 960design.

    I'm still amazed by how much **** I get done!:D
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    Wish granted!
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    Dual Drive iMac is worth the price IMHO

    I'm running an iMac (purchased February 2012 - so nearly a year now) Intel Core i7 with only 8 GB RAM 1333 MHz DDR3 with dual hard drives - all my programs are on the 250GB Solid State drive and then my photos are on the 1 terabyte second built in drive. The setup is great

    I'm running OSX Lion and CS5.

    I love the way it runs. I have huge RAW files (I'm a photographer) and often have CS5, Nikon NX2, LR4 and my latest cool little discovery Plastic Bullet - check it out on the App store - running at once and it just chugs along - actually it mostly flies. It's so fast that I hate when I'm away and have to use my Macbook Pro - I feel like I'm back on an old PC by comparison.

    I highly recommend the SSD and HD drive combo - I know SSD's are still pricy but this set up is really worth it. Apple told me 8 GB of RAM would be fine with the dual drive set up and so far they are right (I can upgrade to 16GB but haven't need to).

    I can work on photos all day long - 12 hours some days - and don't ever have to restart the computer. A big change from my Macbook or my old iMac.

    I'm wondering if it's possible to get a Macbook with a dual drive - I really like the setup.

    Good luck with your new iMac.
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    I made my order yesterday morning so hopefully it shall be here soon!

    I'm definitely considering an external SSD. Have a 1TB at the moment which will hopefully suffice.
    I was initially worried due to reading the imac section of the forum: the 5400rpm drive getting a bit of a drubbing over there, with comments describing it as 'painfully slow' and 'useless'. So.......I purchased 16gb ram and stuck with the base model, regardless.
    Will definitely look into the app, thanks!

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