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Epic announces $82000 Phase IV Winners for Make Something Un...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 1, 2004.

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    Downloads away!

    You really could buy UT 2004 and never get another game and still not run out of new stuff.

    Damnation is looking pretty cool:

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    ooo you're right that's a new one to mention...

    they called it like "steampunk fantasy-western"...

    Of course there are dozens of full conversion mods for Battlefield 1942 (Desert Combat, Galactic Conquest, etc.). But the non-FPS category in the MSU Contest has really spurred the creativity. Metaball sheesh what a neat idea: " you have to solve puzzles and save little creatures by becoming balls of different properties. "

    For Star Wars I wonder about the comparison between Troopers for UT2004 and Galactic Conquest for BF1942...
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    Star Wars Troopers looks great--apparently you can even pilot walkers! (The 2-legged kind anyway.)

    Some comments on that site suggest the project has been scrapped in the last week--I hope that's not the case. But it looks very mature already anyway. (It had versions out before UT04 even existed.)

    (BF1942 isn't my thing since I prefer sci-fi to WWII :) So all the REGULAR UT add-ons--maps, models, weapons, mutators, game types, vehicles--have as much value to me as the total conversions. But if I want to try WWII there's always RO :) )
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    hmm it got me thinking...

    i wonder if the MetaBall guys were from the abandoned Marble Mania 2003 mod for UT2003?

    Anyways thanks for your Damnation screenshot, it's so funny every time I see it.

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