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epson workforce 610

Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by Mac'nCheese, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Has anybody setup the epson workforce 610 wirelessly with their new imac? I assumed this would be an easy bluetooth setup but its not working. Do i have to hook the printer up my airport?
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    As far as I can tell, the printer doesn't come with bluetooth support - if it doesn't have bluetooth built-in, Epson's driver won't work via Bluetooth.

    Follow the instructions to have your printer join the wireless network, or use ethernet, or, yes, you can connect the printer via USB to Airport Extreme/Express. But if you connect to an Airport Ex, only printing will work.
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    I'm printing wirelessly, BUT you need to use the latest stuff on the epson.com/support site if you are using SL. I had initial trouble (with iPhoto) until i deleted to "old" printer & install using the download from epson...everything cool now!

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    Are you printing wirelessly without an airport or did you have to hook the printer to the airport? I am trying to print wirelessly without plugging the epson into anything but the a.c. Thank you.
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    Printing by wireless without joining a router's network is called using Ad Hoc mode. Does your manual have that info?
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    I just did a quick look and couldn't find it. I'll go back through the manual nice and slow later when I have time. For now, we just found an old usb extension cord and just plug it in when we need it. That works fine for now but I would like to be able to print from my older imac, too.
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    or I can just call tech help and they can talk me through it. DUH! Done! Sorry to bother you fine folks, should have just done that!:D
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    And what did they tell you to do...for educational purposes....
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    First, I had to go to the network settings on the printer itself and have it scan for my airport. Then, I had to go to each imac and go to printers under the systems preferences and scan for the printer through the airport network. That made it work as a printer. I then had to download new scanner software and open that. That software also had to run and find the printer/scanner through the network. Took about 20/30 minutes especially since my older imac took a while to download and run the new software. Now, both machines print and scan through the airport network.
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    Great thanks :)

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