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Error 3004

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by itsohkaye, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Restoring & Updating and getting this error! Now I can't do anything with my iPad. :(
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    I have the same thing but with my iphone 4. Now it's stuck in recovery mode and won't restore
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    Same here. Really fckin frustrating
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    Yup me too. Can't just restore back to OS 4.x, only option is to restore to 5...which fails repeatedly.
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    Just give it a bit, and it'll be fine. Whenever Apple rolls out new software and millions of people download it at one time, this always happens. No big deal.
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    Ditto. Unacceptable for a production device with a production OS.
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    Does this really happen everytime? If so, you think they'd figure out some way to stagger it...
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    I got the same thing, and my phone got put into recovery mode. I just unplugged it and replugged it, it asked me to restore so that's what I did. It's currently restoring my backup now onto iOS 5.
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    You would think a company of their stature would prepare for sh** like this.
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    Mine did that too.....twice.....and failed both times :mad:

    Make that three times...different error this time (some encoding web page error)
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    I've been getting a few of all these various errors... Still no iOS5!

    Seems Apple's servers are getting killed these last few hours, probably as everyone is getting home and running the updates.
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    would the 3002 error be in any relation to the 3004 and the 3200 errors that people are getting? I have been getting the 3002 Error with my iPad.
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    I got 3004 error and got stuck in recovery mode which made me go back to factory settings. It appears to have lost the backups I made today and is in this cycle of failing the restore and telling me that I am stuck in recovery mode.

    Fun times.
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    Finally! Just keep plugging it in and out and keep restoring.

    Guess I finally snatched a spot on Apple's servers to verify the update!

    In the restore process now.
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    My is now been plunged into recovery mode. Cant do anything with it, itunes now not finding my iphone. Anyone?
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    For me, I hit the restore process, get a spot on apple's servers, it goes through the restore, and at the very end it fails and gives me error 3004 :|
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    I have the exact same problem but thankfully it is restoring finally.
  19. N-Y
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    i dont understand why the server has anything to do with it? if i was able to download the entire setup file, shouldn't it work?
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    Just keep going!!

    ...the devices restore eventually..........just a bit scary when it repeatedly fails to restore......lololol
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    Same thing is happening to me..
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    im in the same boat. my itunes wont even recognize the phone being plugged in
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    Add me to the list. My iPhone updated fine but a few hours later can't update my iPad getting the 3004 error all the time. aargh!
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    it probably stopped with the phone off or crashed. I had to hold down home and power one time.
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    Possible solution

    I originally got a 3014 error, so I switched networks, then I got error 3004. I found the following article:


    There are several solutions for 3xxx errors, but the one that ended up helping was listed as:

    This worked for me, and got my phone out of recovery mode. Hopefully it wasn't just a fluke.

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