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Error While Installing Macintosh Drivers on Win XP SP-2

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by clayj, Apr 5, 2006.

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    OK, Apple is now guilty of one of the most dipsh*t error messages I've ever read. Installed new BIOS and Boot Camp on my Intel Mac mini; installed Windows XP SP-2; Windows boots fine; I put in the Macintosh Drivers CD I made using Boot Camp (and yes, I've tried TWO different CDs); the installer starts to run; and then I get the following error message:

    And the only choice is OK.

    I gotta ask: WTF?????
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    I got the same message :(
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    which machine(s) are you guys using?
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    I'm on an Intel Mac mini, 1.66 GHz Core Duo.
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    macbook pro core duo. I think mine is messing up becasue I installed media center.
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    i am getting this too.. imac 20inch.. any of you guys figure it out?
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    same problem

    trying all kinds of installs...
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    Bluetooth Keyboards

    I am able to install the Mac drivers on to XPSP2 but I got the usual message saying how the drivers are not XP certified and then produced options to either stop the load or continue anyway. My problem is prior to updating my XPSP2 load my wireless Mac keyboard is talking to the iMac20 Duo, but after the XP I lose the keyboard. I have tried several times to discover the keyboard, sometimes I get it back, but then it disappears again.

    Any ideas?
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    The Apple wireless keyboard is not compatible with XP. Sucks, but thats the way it is. Use either a Windows keyboard or the Apple wired one.
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    Are you guys sure you downloaded the latest version of Bootcamp ? Bootcamp has been updated 2 times already. Once for the 17" MBP and then again for the MacBook. Both times there was no change to the Bootcamp webpage indicating that there was an update. My suggestion would be re-download bootcamp, install it, and remake the driver CD.
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    If your refering to the windows that pop up when you install the drivers, simply ignore them and click continue. It's an old windows thing, anyone who's experimented with drivers with XP or had XP since it first came out will have seen that message.

    If you click continue anyway, the drivers will install and work fine.
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    Thanks for that Noted, I suspected it was an XP issue, I think that Apple should support wireless keyboards through the drivers though as it is more incumbant for them to do the 'compatiability thing' than MS, perhaps the final boot camp will achieve this!

    Regs TOD:

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