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Est Ship for 1GHz 15" PowerBook 7-10 days @ Apple Store

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by shiningsun, Jul 4, 2003.

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    I've been keeping track of 15" PowerBook ship times, and this is the first time in the last couple months that the it has gone up to 7-10 days (for the 1GHz model). Of course, I only check about once a week or so.

    However, the 867MHz model still ships the same day.

    Questions for those who have done this longer: Is this out of the ordinary for the 15" PowerBook? Also, historically, how accurately have ship times predicted new product announcements?

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    very interesting. longer ship times quite often predict new products, but not every single time.
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    Still ships same day in Japan.

    I think it is more telling when they throw a rebate on a product or we hear it is eol'd from a dealer.

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    Apple did lower the prices of the 12" and 15" PowerBook in the US apple store a few weeks ago.
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    The 12" Combo Powerbook also now has a ship date of 1 - 2 days (down from same day a week ago).

    The 12" SuperDrive, however, is still shipping same day.

    We'll have to watch these wait times closely! :)
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    I concur. ;) Its an estimated 1-2 days shipping in Canada.

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