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ETA for iOS 6? My guess

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by PracticalMac, Jun 11, 2012.

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    What is Apple track record?

    About 2 to 5 weeks after announcement an OS goes live?
    Well, Lion took longer.

    Granted iOS 6 beta did not have much exposure, but perhaps Apple is being very careful?

    My predictions, OK, these are outright guesses:

    June 11 (today) iOS 6 Beta is expanded.

    As soon as June 22 it is available to all, IF they feel it is ready (long shot for sure). Based on next iPhone rumors.

    July 17 I think is the most likely chance of release.
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    Got the iOS 6 Beta release (expanded) right.

    Guess I am way off on when iOS goes live. :(
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    This is a rediculous post.
    1)iOS5 release date: October 12th
    2)iPhone 4S release date: October 14th (Announced October 4th)
    3) You take wikipedia seriously

    How many iOS5 betas were there? Like 10? Something insane. It'll be a while. Def October I'd say. Idk what "next iphone rumors" you're going on but I'd stop reading them now lol
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    I thought I would diculous once, but I had to rediculous to get it right.
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    Last time I checked, July isn't the Fall.

    iOS 6 will get released along with the new iPhone in the fall. Come on, we know we wasn't getting an iPhone during the summer...fall releases now.

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