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Ethics of using PithHelmet with MacRumors

Discussion in 'Community' started by jsw, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. jsw
    Moderator emeritus


    I'm a big fan of PithHelmet. However, I felt bad about using it with MacRumors, since I didn't want to deprive the site of revenue on the off chance that sometimes I might decide to click on an ad (which is something I pretty much never do). So, instead, I joined as a paid subscriber (have the PayPal receipt, but not officially a member yet).

    Any reason I should feel any twinges of guilt surfing here now?
  2. macrumors 68000


    No, donating to this site is a very very generous thing to do.

    And if I recall, don't donaters get to have an ad free version of MR?
  3. jsw
    Moderator emeritus


    Yeah, I think so, but arn hasn't activated my subscription yet. However, I just leave PithHelmet up and running, so I wouldn't know. BTW, it's a fantastic thing - much less clutter!
  4. Moderator emeritus


    No, and if you do, then that's really quite pathetic IMO, you have nothing more important to worry about? This is the glorious free internet, no one owes you anything.

    Never feel bad about abusing teh intarweb :D ;)

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    I had Pith Helmet set up to block all ads except for those coming from Google (the text ads didn't bother me) but now that google has added graphical ads I've taken them off my "okay" list... if somebody can tell me some rules to block just the graphical ads I'd be more than happy to let the text ads back in.

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