Eudora announces plans for Tiger support

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 3, 2005.

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    Fall '05 they say?

    How are they going to keep their business? Surely, it's tough to compete with free e-mail clients already without taking lots of time to update for various operating systems. Considering the lead time for Tiger, they could have been ready by now.
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    who uses Eudora anyway? :confused:

    With Apple's Mail, Thunderbird, and countless other (better, IMHO) alternatives available free, who is going to pay for an email client?
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    I gave up on Eudora after a few years and fighting with it just to produce a decent rendering of HTML mail. When it blew up after I installed Panther and the index lost half my mail history, I gave up depending on it.

    Thunderbird is a much better e-mail client.

    Besides, Mozilla's people are professional enough that they don't write whiny "Apple messed us up again" notes in their release notes the way Qualcomm's Eudora staff does.
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    Too little too late...
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    I also left Eudora a few years ago. It kept crashing. Would not consider going back. Now use Entourage.

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