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Eudora - Broken

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Discussion' started by Solkar, Oct 27, 2003.

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    I did an Archive & Install of Panther on an iMac DV SE 400 running Jaguar 10.2.8 (second version).

    I'd been running Eudora 6.0 in sponsored mode, and now it crashes every time it tries to send an e-mail. So long as it's not sending, it's fine -- it can fetch, I can browse mail, etc. But when it sends, Eudora unexepectedly quits.

    I'm not that heartbroken -- I've been meaning to transition over to Mail anyway, but I just thought I'd pass it along and see whether anyone else had a similar problem.

    I've submitted a bug report to Apple (I like that new crash window that comes up), but not Qualcomm (because I can't send e-mail).

    FWIW, I had a clean install of Jaguar done just a couple of months ago when my old hard drive gave up the ghost, then did clean installs of all my other software, so there shouldn't be a lot of cruft on my system.
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    Re: Eudora - Broken

    Same problem here! I did a clean install of Panther on my iBook 900. Eudora 6.0 (sponsored) quits nearly always when trying to send mail. I've deleted the preferences and all that stuff, but it doesn't help.

    I re-installed Eudora 5.2.3, but the problem remains.

    Did the same. I wonder what happens with those crash reports ... Will anybody ever study them?
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    Well, I guess since it's not just me, it's a bigger issue.

    I forgot to mention that I reinstalled Eudora 6, and it didn't help.
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    i am able to send email fine in eudora 6, however i am in paid mode, which looks like it may be the difference, which sounds a bit fishy. this is on a clean install, but will my old eudora folder copied to the new machine after downloading a fresh version of eudora.

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    Someone posted a workaround on Slashdot.

    Apparently a common problem.
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    I've been using Eudora version 6 in paid mode. After upgrading to Panther, I started Eudora to get my Stuffit 8 serial number. Eudora complained about a faulty index and since I needed to get the serial number, I stupidly said continue. It managed to resurrect e-mail that I had filed or deleted from months ago, but removed everything from the past two to three weeks.

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