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European AppStores on US imported iPads?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by icameleon, Apr 11, 2010.

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    I just got hold of a US iPad here in Switzerland (where it should be launched in end of April) and the AppStore on the iPad is "not available in this country". I was wondering if when the iPad will finally be launched here in Europe will the owners of US iPads be able to connect to their national AppStores? Will there compatibility issues? Any clues? Thanks in advance...
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    Yes they should be able to. You'll find it's because you're account is logged into the Swiss store which has not gone live as of yet. By the end of the month (assuming it does get it's international release by then) you should be fine accessing the iPad app store as you would on an iPhone and it's store.
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    Hey Jinkst, thx for the info... and let's hope you're right!..and that it will indeed be end of April!.. never sure before it's actually there.

    For now I can add things through the iTunes AppStore or my iPhone, but it'll be great to have direct access to apps.
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