European iPhone Launches (Germany + UK)

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Today, Apple launched the iPhone in select European countries.

    Germany was the first to receive the iPhone via T-Mobile. One Flickr user photo-documented the launch.


    Courtesy Flickr user iFun

    Our iPhone Purchaser Meetups forum has been active with the Germany launch and the pending U.K. launch. Users at various stores report numbers "in the hundreds" coming to the event. Forum member Sneeks notes that a webcam is available showing near-live shots of the Birmingham store.

    The iPhone will launch in the U.K. at 6 pm London time, 1 pm EST.

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    Can't believe it's finally here! Next month I'll be joining since they removed the 200mb internet limit.
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    I wonder how many UK residence are worrying cause they decided to buy an Iphone instead of paying their Flood Insurance premium ;P
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    Maybe the minority who live in areas prone to flooding? :D
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    it's released at 6.02pm GMT actually....get it, O2...02......o2!?
  6. weg
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    Well, at least they can call the firefighters for help..
    Oh, wait... did Steve Jobs approve of that number yet or are those poor people only able to call them after the iPhone is opened up in January next year? :D
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    well another hour and i'm ordering online :) with £20 off voucher too
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    Congratulations to you guys, here is asia we still have to wait until next year....

    Hopefully, with the version 2.
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    T-Mobile has already selled 10,000 iphones, see here
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    /Napoleon Dynamite
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    I'm trying to think of any combination of circumstances that would make me queue up up outside a shop...

    Nope. Can't think of any...
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    i cant believe people are still going crazy over the iphone. its so yesterday :p
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    Did you see the slideshow from the T-Mobile in Germany?

    Beer... Pretty girls... hors d'oeuvres... Pretty girls... iPhone... Pretty girls...
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    Yeah we have a small area like that here in Holland... it's called THE ENTIRE COUNTRY ;)

    Luckily we have these giant metal sea gates to defy the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
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    Thanks... added that to the story
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    Wonder how strict they'll be to the "2 minutes past 6" timing? Seems a bit mad to me, course it'll sell by the bucketload but wouldn't it be smarter releasing it in the morning?
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    Hummm what happens if the polar caps melt?
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    No wireless. Less space than a Nomad. Lame.

    (Please don't kill me. But seriously, I'm not in the iPhone's target market; good luck to those it's good for).
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    Then Bigger Walls ;) *Besides that will only affect it 3 meters over the next 150 years*

    Or We can wait for Super Gore to Save us all! *Swoons*
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    Wow, seeing those pictures reminds me of iDay here in the States. Stood in line 4 hours at two different stores to get one for my daughter.

    Good times, good times...........:D
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    I would say 10,000 in the first day of sales is pretty good. Especially since there were quite a few people doubting that the iPhone would sell in Europe without 3G. It will be nice to see what the UK numbers are if they release them at all this week.
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    Spanky Deluxe

    Just got home with my iPhone, yay!! :D
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    looks like this will keep the iPhone talk alive. it's good for Apple though
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    10000 isn't bad... I dont think...

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