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Evangelion Anime Franchise Coming to App Store

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 18, 2009.

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    Appliya announced that they have obtained a license to develop and distribute iPhone and iPod Touch apps based on the popular anime francise, Evangelion.
    The initial app offerings will be "casual" apps that utilize the visual style, characters and storyline from Rebuild of Evangelion films. The apps will make use of the touch screen as well as the camera, calendar functions, and clock.

    While I'm not an anime fan, I'm sure there is a segment of our readers that will welcome this news.

    Article Link: Evangelion Anime Franchise Coming to App Store
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    OMG OMG OMG!!!

    i so cant wait for this!!! :D
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    Wow surprising, can't wait to see what they do with it! Wish I could afford an iphone.
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    Yeah! This app is gonna be awesome!
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    This is amazing now!! Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Guest

    Sky Blue

    wow, games based on cartoons.
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    Can't be any worse than games based on movies. ;)
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    I still don't get anime.. I'd rather watch the Simpsons.
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    I think there could be some interesting apps made using the visual style- especially when it comes to computer screen/readouts- from Evangelion, but I just hope that they end up doing a good job of it so it stands well on its own and not half-assing it like Square did on the controls when they ported Crystal Defenders and just sit back and assume that whatever they make will sell simply because of the fanbase...
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    Now for Gundam......
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    a good step... now give me cowboy bebop content!
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    both maybe?

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    few things.

    I am sooo jacked.

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    Was really hoping this would be the original animated series available to download on iTunes....but no...it's gonna be a mediocre game based on a popular anime series. I'd rather have the anime series, or a great game. Am not convinced by licensed titles. Especially in the mobile phone market, licenses sell games more than gameplay, and there has been a habit to neglect the latter, and just spend money on brand licensing.

    That said - I was unaware there were a series of new films planned. I'll certainly watch out for those as they hit.

    I still prefer the end of the TV series to The End of Evangelion Movie, probably because although they ran out of budget and things got - quite literally - sketchy, I do have a thing for philosophy, and loved the philosophical musings at the end of the series, rather than the spectacular drama of the End of Evangelion movie.

    Still, I got both the ADV series and Manga movies, so like 'em both I guess.

    I remember the Ghost In The Shell video game was a bit mediocre/sh*t. I suspect Evangelion will go the same way.

    What was cool was that the original series was sponsored by Sega, and Asuka could be seen playing a Sega Saturn in some episodes. ^_^
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    also cant be worse than movies based on games...

    max payne comes to mind haha
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    That's like saying "I don't get steak... I'd rather eat spaghetti."

    To each their own, but keep in mind that it's a matter of taste (and a bunk analogy).
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    now tell me when the hell are they going to release or start filming the damn live action movie!? :mad:
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    Apps Out

    Looks like the first two apps are out- a $3 clock/timer in the style of the Eva units' countdown timers (unfortunately it's at an odd angle that I think is a pain to read...) and a $2 'picture stamp' app that lets you choose from a selection of images that can presumably be overlaid over pictures from your photo roll (the description and demo pictures don't show how you actually go about this though, I assume it's done in the app itself).

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