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even newer tar

Discussion in 'Community' started by mac15, May 18, 2002.

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    I have outdone myself
    check the new tar.......give me your thoughts
    I reckon it kicks ass
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    Without doubt the coolest you've had. Very nice!
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    Ensign Paris

    Nice 'Tar, did u create it? As I thought I had seen it before, probably just my old age, well, 15.

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    Ensign Paris

    How many people think I should redo my 'Tar?

    I need to think of some idea :)

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    i really like it. a really cool tar mac15. and ensign, i don't think you need to change yours, but if you're not happy with it, go for it.
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    That's a kool 'tar mac15 :D
    And ensign, I think ur's looks good too, but if ur not happy with it then redo it ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Very nice mac15, definitely the slickest one you've don. Good job.
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    Ensign, I think you tar is cool..... but if its a change you wan't then do it
    I was going to do another skate one. But this just seemed cool.
    I was hoping to get one of an aussie flag that like waved in the wind but that takes a little more talent
    I have made 3 new desktops. Pretty simple stuff but I like em
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    well done. you need to stop changing it now and let it sink in... ha
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'd have to agree with jello there, you've probably had more 'tars than anyone else on the boards. A 'tar becomes associated with you, if you keep changing, then you loose a little bit of your recognition.

    When I'm scrolling through a thead, I can pick out all the tars before I read the names, which helps when you're trying to find somthing.
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    this will be my tar for a while;) ....no seriously
    I want a 007 james bond one but that will take time
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    Mr. Anderson

    What type of 007 'tar? The moving circles and the blood, that could be cool, and not really that hard in Image Ready. Don't ever not do something because its hard, push yourself and you'll be happier for it. Don't make excuses!
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    Very nice. I can't wait to see the 007 Tar.
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    I like it! :D

    but I do need to ask why u changed so quickly?? u didn't even have the stick guy for a week...
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    It looked cooler than the other one so that why I changed it
    and I had some time on my hands so I went and did it

    PS: I have photoshop back.....I'm so glad to have it back cause life ain't the same without it:D
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    cool tar

    but i do miss the kick-flip skater.:D
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    I wan't and OO7 one or a BMX one
    the BMX one sounds better...I'll have a guys doing a rail ......Oh I'll use real pics and shrink em...yep that sounds cool
    Later I'm tar making
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    well it's on a different scale from the skater guy...which I personally thought was really cool...

    but I do like this one...reminds me of driving at night-time...
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    Mr. Anderson

    What made you go and do this one, it is a little different than your usual theme. Its also a lot cleaner and tighter, nice and slick. Each of the lights have a nice uniform look and the shadowing is a nice touch.
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    This tar actually gets my vote as one of the top 3 on macrumors. It's a great idea, well implemented. It's constantly moving, but not to the extent where you get this annoying distraction. Well done.

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