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Ever committed a crime?

Discussion in 'Community' started by tazo, May 21, 2003.

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    Have you ever committed a crime?

    say what it was if u want.
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    Re: Ever committed a crime?


    probably too many, too often ;)
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    i think few people haven't... considering that speeding would be considered such....

    i'd say, get a little more specific in your question. ;)
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    never, other than speeding that is.

    oh and apparently there are a few sexual positions that are illegal in florida....
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    i once killed a person:D i killed him because he was on my nerves
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    such as....?? ha

    i once stole a coke from a teen center i used to go to... they caught me (and my friend)... more like, we were ratted out. ha. we said we "forgot to pay"... ahh
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    im rolling my eyes at the topic of this thread. it would be stupid to talk about being guilty for crimes youve committed on open forum. unless your asking if we've been caught committing a serious crime. i say serious because how can jay walking even be considered topic worthy.
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    I've done it...not going into any details...

    a better topic would be telling the last time u committed a crime... :eek: ;)
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    Let's just say me and a group of friends back in High School were a bunch of cleptos. Also there was a school news broadcast we got over the sattelite well I took care of the sattelite more then once. Also I use to go around to all the computer stores and start the PCs into dos and reformat the hard drives. There's more but I'll leave it at that. Oh, and I hardly consider speeding a crime. Now illuding the cops that's another story and I won't talk about that.
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    Please define the word: "Crime." Thanks! :D

    By the way, I've been to traffic school more times than I can remember, so, yeah. I've committed crimes. :D
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    a more appropriate question would be...

    Have you ever committed a felony?

    and my answer would be yes. yes, very often. more than once a week. :rolleyes: and i'm sorry, i didn't mean to! or maybe i did....
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    As to felony not one I was ever caught doing. Oh, and I think I know what you are doing to commit a felony and in Oregon it's a misdemeanor and a misdemeanor for possesing less then an ounce.
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    Yes. Funny ones are:

    1) My sis and me were Atari arcade room junkies at pre-teen age. We used to dig in our parents clothes to steal them money for play. We got beaten when they found out.

    2) Near a Health Center in the city where I used to live with my parents, there was this payphone. When I was in high school I ran off of money and I phoned home for somebody to pick me up. When the call finished, many coins drop out.. without any reason because I spend all my credit (a coin). I hit the phone and it dropped out a lot of money (hehehehe). I used to go every Friday evening with my sis to this "magic" phone and eventually we got caught. After picked out from the police office we got beaten, again.

    3) Near the high school I spend my teen years there was this Industrial Park. My colleages and me used to go by at Mondays to hit bottles again the factories walls and windows and then we ran away. At mondays its streets used to be full of bottles because many workers normally spent their paycheck in alcohol on weekends. Guess who got caught and after picked out from the police office go beaten.. again.

    There is more, happened before I reached University, but I guess those are the funniest and somehow the more naive. For the record, I never killed nobody but I thought it more than once.
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    What the hell are you talking about, or should I say smoking? ;) (if I'm wrong, shoot me, then you will have commited a crime)

    Um... yes, I *sigh* downloaded a linux distro when they said not to under penalty of law. yeah, I'm baddd aint I?

    Oh yeah and everything on my Hard Drive. ;) :p

    edit: I was wrong.
    I was shot.
    MacBandit commited a crime. ;)
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    Smoking? Not me not in a very long time. I'm looking for a job you know.:)
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    :MrMacMan was shot by MacBandit:
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    it was just supposed to be an entertaining thread, because we have all done something stupid, that was prolly a crime. its just supposed to be a fun thread. To the person who said something to the effect of, "who would admit..", this is a basically anonymous forum. Whats the most they could actually get from you, assuming the person investigating was a mod. Maybe real name and an IP address? come on.
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    ok ok, i know i sorta took it to the extreme. enjoy the thread. i am, since it seems to be the only one active tonight. where is everyone?
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    arguing with me. jkk jk :) ;) :) :D A lot of people are in General tech, and in this forum.
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    Doctor Q

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    Yes, I admit it. You've discovered my horrible secret. I've lived in shame for far too many years, and now maybe I'll at last feel better to confess and get this burden off my chest.

    I... took... the tag off the mattress!!

    A felony, right?

    Actually, my family teases me for being so law abiding. The best I can do is to tell you about the time, as a kid, when I got my nerve up and stole from the supermarket a little plastic sign that said "Penalty for Theft - $100". Actually I forget the dollar amount. So my life of crime wasn't long, but at least it was humorous!
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    Do lemur fetishes count?
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    only if it involves 3 or more at a time.

    so, guilty as charged.
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    'fraid so. :)
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    Damn, guess I'm screwed...but you can't say that you wouldn't do the same in my place.

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