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Ever have one of those days...

Discussion in 'Community' started by funkywhat2, Jun 2, 2003.

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    ... where you tell everyone to go scratch off, and it feels good. Today must have been the least stressful day in my life. I was chewed out by everyone, and didn't give a hoot. And I wanted to do work. That's a first for me.

    Anyone actually know what I mean?
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    Doctor Q

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    Shame on you! Stop goofing off! Wipe that smirk off your face! Clean up your room! Eat your vegetables!
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    if you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! HOW can you have any pudding if you don't eat your MEAT!?!?
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    and their fat, psychopathic wives would thrash them within inches of their lives ;)

    sorry funky, i think i pretty well ignore what people want just about every day, so while i can sort of sympathize with you, i really can't.
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    Sun Baked

    Re: Ever have one of those days...

    I couldn't imagine telling people to scratch off...


    Let me try...
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    Re: Re: Ever have one of those days...

    yeah, i think the correct term is "f*** off!"

    hm. here, i'll try that one:

    oh wait, that's not forum appropriate!
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    Re: Re: Re: Ever have one of those days...

    :as suddendly a mod edits my and Shadowfax's post:

    'Daddy Was that a Mod?'
    'Yes it was son, yes it was.'
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    Doctor Q

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    You're quoting the wrong rock group. If we want lyrics about food, it would be more appropriate to quote something by The Who, since funkywhat2 likes them. But I can't think of many Who lyrics about food. The best I can think of are:

    "My fried egg makes me sick first thing in the morning" - from Cut My Hair on Quadrophenia.

    "If I swallow anything evil, put your finger down my throat" - from Behind Blue Eyes on Who's Next.
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    problem is, those aren't scolding "lyrics." hell, they aren't even lyrics per se. the theme is scolding, not bands the funky likes. :p
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    Re: Ever have one of those days...

    Its abnormally hot today here in Yeah Yeah Yeahs land, I tried eating some meat to help cool me down, but I couldn't find any pudding so I just decided to go naked.
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    Doctor Q

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    Hmmm... scolding... I'll try again:

    Well I went to the boss
    Said I had a date
    The boss said "No dice, son
    You gotta work late"


    Well my mom and poppa told me
    "Son you gotta earn some money
    If you want to use the car
    To go out next sunday"


    Well I didn't go to work
    I told the boss I was sick
    He said "You can't use the car
    'Cause you didn't work a lick"


    Well I went to my congressman
    And he said, quote
    "I'd like to help you son
    But you're too young to vote"

    -- Summertime Blues, The Who, Live at Leeds
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    Sucks to be a teenager!

    Oh wait...
    I am a teenager...
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    i remember no better time than when i was 16. the peak of my life.
  14. pEZ
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    Ugh. 16 was awful for me. Well, maybe not. 17 was really bad. 18's not turning out too great either. Here's to hoping that 19 will rock.
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    it's all in your head anyway. if you think 28 is the best time, then it will be.

    16 was good. i knew everything.... i could have anything.... i could have anyone....
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    Re: Ever have one of those days...

    I hope that you are having a better day today! Two days in a row just wouldn't be fair. It's good that you have the ability for it to all run down your back! :p
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    Doctor Q

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    Hey, kids! The U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (part of the National Institutes of Health run by the Dept. of Health & Human Services) wants being a sucky teenager to be fun! At their Kid's Sing-Along page, you can listen to, and read the lyrics of, one of the best all-time nagging-parents songs: Yakety Yak by The Coasters. It even has links to related topics, like garbage. I'm not kidding. This is for real!


    Take out the papers and the trash
    Or you don't get no spendin' cash
    If you don't scrub that kitchen floor
    You ain't gonna rock and roll no more
    Yakety yak (don't talk back)

    Just finish cleanin' up your room
    Let's see that dust fly with that broom
    Get all that garbage out of sight
    Or you don't go out Friday night
    Yakety yak (don't talk back)

    You just put on your coat and hat
    And walk yourself to the laundromat
    And when you finish doin' that
    Bring in the dog and put out the cat
    Yakety yak (don't talk back)

    Don't you give me no dirty looks
    Your father's hip; he knows what cooks
    Just tell your hoodlum friend outside
    You ain't got time to take a ride
    Yakety yak (don't talk back)
  18. job
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    That has to be the saddest thing I've seen all year.

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