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Every designers ULTIMATE DREAM!!

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by oli2140, Aug 13, 2009.

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    Guys look at what I've found!

    Go on this website:


    Now, simply drag the link to your bookmarks bar

    And then when browsing on any website click onto the link and voila! Your font has been changed to the most, modern, contemporary and friendly font available!
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    You are Satan!
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    Doesn't work for me!
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    I didn't even try the link...
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    It won't work if you click on the link because Macrumors only opens links in a new window. You have to save the link as a bookmark (or drag it to the bookmark bar) and THEN click on the link

    Take that back, macrumors doesn't process the links properly, visit here: http://noveltybeard.co.cc/comicsans/
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    Oh my god, this is EVIL. You SUCK :D
    It works by the way. Arghhhhh
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    Genghis Khan

    lol...why do i get the feeling it changes your font to comic sans?
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    its a butten that changes the webpage you are on to comic sans. if you reload the page it no longer in comic sans
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    I modified it a bit to give out trebuchet ms. If trebuchet ms isnt installed, Youll get some nice Helvetica action.

    jjavascript:(function(){c=document.createElement("style");c.type="text/css";if(c.styleSheet){c.styleSheet.cssText="*{font-family:\"trebuchet ms\",\"Helvetica Neue\",sans-serif !important;}";}else{c.appendChild(document.createTextNode("* { font-family:\"trebuchet ms\",\"Helvetica Neue\",sans-serif !important;}"));}document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(c);var f = document.getElementsByTagName("font");if(f.length>0){for(var i in f){f.style.fontFamily="\"Comic Sans MS\",\"Comic Sans\",sans-serif";}} return;})()

    somehow, bookmark that
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    So you guys are saying you'd like this bit of javascript automatically enabled in the design forum? We'll be sure to bring it up! ;)
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    SWEET. While we're redesigning the design forum, let's go ahead and set all User Details up in Papyrus and just let Comic Sans handle the content of the post. And maybe we can work Sand in for quoted posts.

    Nothing classes up a design like Papyrus.
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    meaning at the next mod/god mtg?
    can i join in on the next one?:p
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    this is actually pretty funny.

    cheers mate!
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    Works fine, very nice!
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    You owe my retinas an apology.
    Basterd! :D
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    blah, ha ha.. the font that just won't die...

    i didn't try, i'm at work...
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    I don't think I realized how "great" that font is until I saw it on every site I visited.
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    There's a bookmarklet called Readabilty that does this thing the opposite way – it makes a page readable.
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    Ouch my brain hurts.

    Thanks for the Readability link.
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    Thanks for this, luckily I can use the Comic Sans bookmarklet on the readability bookmarklet! :eek:
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    "loling" @ this
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    Haha I just read that too. Why on earth would someone want to do this?!

    By the way, MacRumors should've been in Comic Sans all along.
    1/4/2010, Comic Sans here we come!

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