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Everyone 18 & under show your (bed)room

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Killyp, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Ahh, I love these threads. It makes me feel like I'm not too young to do anything :cool:

    Anyways, here are pics of my room.

    I love Picasa Web uploader! It's so easy!!

    Post your rooms! :D :D
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    It doesn't seem to allow the pics to be displayed though.
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    Maybe the reaction to that kind of thread title is similar to what one thinks when seeing a link to 'Check out my teen bedroom webcam'. The first thought that jumps to mind these days, unfortunately, is not always the most proper one, perhaps.
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    I'll assume (perhaps naively) that this will go well, but it's being watched. Nothing wrong with pics of your bedrooms, per se, but it could become an issue. We'll see.
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    Oh oh. JSW is keeping an eye on this thread. Isn't this exactly what we're worried about? /end of distugustingly bad joke

    Anyways, later today (probably more like tomorrow) I'll get around to posting pictures. I should probably clean it up first since nobody's interested in looking at pics of piles of clothes.
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    Cause all the elders around here will be like. Why is your room bigger than mine, why do you have a bigger bed, why do you have your own bathroom and a bigger closet. Blah Blah Blah. You all are so spoiled, when you grow up and meet the real world, you are going to suffer and waste all your money on frivolous purchases.
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    That's different. I'm not gonna suddenly jump into one of those pics I've posted after a shower am I? :confused:

    As long as you don't post a picture of yourself, or pictures of your underwear lying around, I don't see what the problem is...
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    I'm scared of the mods:eek:
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    Yeah, those mods of ours are a jealous bunch. :rolleyes:
  11. jsw
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    We try not to waste time posting the obvious, but we do appreciate you doing it for us. ;)

    Besides, I'm not really keeping an eye on this, just threatening to do so. We elders like to threaten.
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    I must be like an obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleaning my room. I do it every, 3 days or so :eek: . It's cool to live in though, coz that's what you do when the weather's how it is.
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    I'll post it once I'm done renovateing and once I get my MacBook Pro. Nice room, it's huge. I want a room like that.
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    Im repainting my room next week so I will be sure to post before and after pics! :)
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    Wow, this thread is heavily edited. Every time I look something has changed.

    I guess I'll get the ball rolling again. My room as you can see is very drab. I want to change the wall color, but mother and father say no. This room was supposed to be a guest bedroom, it ended up being my sisters, she's in college so its mine now. It is slightly smaller than the master bedroom with a smaller bathroom and closet. Sorry if the pics are big.

    Room Sizes:
    Bedroom: 221 sq ft
    Bathroom: 82.5 sq ft
    Closet: 60.5 sq ft
    Total: 364 sq ft
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    I know, things keep getting added and taken away. Everytime I visit it's like a whole new thread.

    BOT, nice room. It looks very roomy (as in lots of room) and quite organized. I can't believe of clean you keep it. My room is so bad my parents forbade my cleaning lady to clean it.
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    compuser, you mom is gonna kill you for not having that poster framed. :p
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    I'll post something soon, after I tidy up a bit. What was the reason for the moderation?
  19. Guest

    I KNOW!!!

    Well actually, she couldn't find an frame, and she didn't want to spend $500 at a framing store for that. I was quite amazed. She herself took that tack thing and pushed into the perfectly smooth sheet rock. She probably feels like her house is ruined.

    When I was little, I could never have any toys in the family room because it was a "formal living room". :(
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    I feel like such a slob now.

    I used to have a friend that was kinda such a neat freak....
    He was one of those people that washes 99% of the crud off the plate before putting it in the dishwasher.
    And puts on gloves to take out the trash.
  21. jsw
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    Too many 19-year-olds were posting pics.
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    For a 15 year old you have a very grown up bedroom!


    Your room is very tidy! I love the layout, and the equipment you have as well!
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    Thanks. There's a couple of things I'm wanting to do...

    . Sell all the hifi (except the speakers) and get a B&O BeoSystem 5500
    . Paint all the walls white
    . Replace the bed with a funky sofabed
    . Get a minifridge
    . Get a retractable pole for women

    Now THAT would be a bedroom, unfortunately, I think only the first three will be possible, possibly four at a push...
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    I posted mine in the Cribs thread. I'll try and find a link to it.
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    Good enough reason for me.

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