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Evio Harmony Case - Review

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by jsh1120, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. jsh1120, Jan 18, 2012
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    This case has been mentioned on several threads. I thought it deserved a review. For the record, no affiliation with the company. Just a customer.

    Company. Evio appears to be a new company and the Harmony iPad 2 case is their first product. Other cases for the iPad and cases for other devices are apparently in the pipeline. They're headquartered in Southern California. No word on where the cases are manufactured but I assume they come from Asia.

    Price, Ordering, Delivery. The Harmony case can be ordered from the Evio website or Amazon (perhaps other sites.) Same price on both sites $39.99 plus $4+ shipping from Southern California to US addresses.

    Ordered the case on Thursday. Delivered via USPS the following Tuesday with a Monday holiday. Shipped immediately and good tracking. Arrived with no damage in a padded sleeve. Five stars.

    Quality. Very, very good. Appears to be high quality leather. If not, it's a very good imitation. Interior is micro-suede. Stitching is excellent. No loose threads or missed stitches. Overall feel and look is first class. I'd say it compares favorably with cases priced three times more. Only one color choice (black and burgundy). Perfect color combo imo but ymmv.

    Design. The design is a standard folio with a small "kickstand" built into the interior side of the front cover. Only one typing position available at about 20 degrees from horizontal.

    Front cover activates the sleep/wake function of the iPad 2 and holds the cover closed. Not a strong magnet, however. I can imagine it might not hold if tossed into a bag with other stuff. A bag with a dedicated sleeve, however, would work well.

    The hinge is leather and extends across 90% of the length of the iPad. Should be very durable. iPad slides into the interior of the case and is secured with a leather flap on one side. Fits well. The iPad isn't going anywhere once it's in the case. Conversely, it's relatively simple to remove the iPad.

    All ports and openings are available and appear to have been designed into the case rather than added as afterthoughts.

    Bulk. The front and back covers are minimally padded and add a a little bulk to the entire package compared to a SmartCover and plastic back cover. Not a major issue, though. The case fits in my Waterfield Design Travel Express bag even with the Apple Wireless Keyboard in its Origami Workstation case. (Very tight fit but it works.)

    On the other hand, I have a Belkin Blade Adjust stand for the iPad and the case will not fit into the slot for the iPad with the case folded over. Again, not a big problem since the cover can be draped over the back of the stand but it may be problematic for stands that hold the iPad in place tightly.

    Protection. It's not a "ruggedized" case (e.g. gumdrop, Otterbox Defender.) But the padding of the front and back of the case should provide adequate protection in most situations. On the other hand, the case does not extend beyond the corners of the iPad. Dropping the iPad on a corner is not recommended.

    Overall value. Close to five out of five stars, I'd say. Looks are a personal matter but imo it's a stunner. Hopefully, it won't sell so well that it's commonplace. :) Construction is first class. Functionality (with some qualifications) is excellent. Bulk is minimal considering the protection it provides. An extra pocket would be welcome but it appears that Evio is bringing out another case with that feature. Not yet available.

    For less than $50, it's highly recommended.

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  2. kschles, Jan 18, 2012
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    I've had the Evio Harmony case for a few days now. I'll echo all the good points made by JSH1120 in his review. The case is a stunner. It's not made of real leather, but the material looks great. It seems to be an incredible value for $39.95 plus S&H. The case covers some of the Ipad bezel, but only about half of it. This might not be important to some, but I don't like cases which cover the whole bezel. The Evio is something I can live with.

    Now for the downsides. Landscape viewing is done by propping up the cover. There is no locking mechanism or folding of the cover, so this method is not very stable. I rarely use the Ipad this way, so it doesn't bother me. The typing position seems OK. I'll have to see about the durability of the pop-out typing stand (something I haven't seen on another case). Another reviewer felt that the typing position wasn't always stable:


    The only other criticism I might have is that the spine is a little loose. Because of this the covers tends to float a bit when either folded back or closed shut. When in the closed position, there are some magnets that help keep the cover closed, but you sometimes have to hunt to find them. This is not a big deal, but thought I would mention it.

    All told a very nice case and I would recommend it.
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    I'd agree with all of kschles' points, as well. The little kickstand provided for typing is not the best design I've seen but it's serviceable for me because I rarely type much content using the on-screen keyboard. Much more important from my perspective is that the minimal bulk added to the iPad enables me to place the case in the Origami Workstation stand that holds the iPad and the Apple Wireless Keyboard. YMMV.

    Likewise, I've also found the "spine" (i.e. the "hinge") a bit loose since it's the same "leather" used in the rest of the case. As kschles points out, that can lead to the cover fitting imprecisely when combined with the weak magnets that hold it in place. The designers could have designed a stiff "spine" and that might have been a better choice to deal with this issue. But it would also have added weight, cost, and potentially could lead to damage of the spine if the case were dropped. Once knocked "out of place," the spine would be difficult to repair.

    All design involves setting priorities and making compromises. The Harmony case stands out in terms of its design choices. Not perfect but at least for many customers' uses, very good.
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    I mentioned on the other thread regarding cases that I've got my heart set on the Evio Harmony for the iPad 3 when it comes out, as long as there's no changes to the size of the new iPad.

    I'd also very much like to use it in combination with the Tom Bhin Ristretto (also on numerous threads), so I was pleased to see that it was mentioned above that there's very little bulk added to the iPad when the Evio harmony is in position. Another poster mentioned a 9'' space in the Tom Bihn iPad compartment - could any of the posters let me know if they think this is wide enough to accommodate the iPad and Evio combination? I'd be very grateful.

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    Tell ya what, David. I happen to live within a half hour of Tom Bihn's factory and would be happy to check it out for you when the time comes. However, since you're planning to wait for the iPad 3 (with its unknowns in terms of form factor size) I'll wait to hear from you when you decide what you want to do. When you decide how to proceed, let me know.

    Worst case is that you may have to opt for the 11" MBA version of the Ristretto. In any event, I'm sure you'll like the Tom Bihn products. Along with Waterfield Design, they make the best bags I've ever found. I was lucky enough to receive the "Checkpoint Flyer" for Christmas. It holds both my beast of a laptop and the iPad along with everything else I need for travel and I don't have to take ANYTHING out of the bag to get through airport security. It's GREAT!
  6. davys, Jan 18, 2012
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    That's a great fookin' offer, so many thanks jsh - it's very much appreciated. I'm guessing that the dimensions of the proposed new iPad will be announced at the unveiling if it happens sometime in February, so I may well bump this thread then and maybe you'll be able to advise without going to the trouble of visiting the factory. I'm really a sucker for the bag and all the wee add on pouches that go with it!

    Thanks again for in depth the review and the very kind offer - there's a drink in it for you! :)
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    Just a short update on the Harmony case when used for typing. The inclement weather here in the Pacific NW meant I was using the iPad more than usual for typing.

    Based on that experience I'd say the kickstand issues raised above are, indeed, worth considering. Jostling the iPad or moving it on a flat surface often results in the kickstand closing into its default position on the back of the case. The effect, of course, is to make the iPad collapse into a flat position.

    It's a minor PITA unless you plan to use the case when typing for an extended period. So keep it in mind.
  8. kschles, Jan 21, 2012
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    I've been fooling around with the typing angle, to see how bad it is. So far it's OK. I make sure that the pop out brace is out as far as it can go before I set the IPad on a surface. I've been typing and surfing, making sure I'm tapping the device all over. It's been working well. I wouldn't be scared off by the typing angle. I really like holding the case while reading.

    I think the biggest weakness for the Evio is propping up the case to view movies or whatever in landscape. Not very stable, and forget about surfing or touching your IPad while the case is propped up this way. As I said above, I rarely use my IPad this way, so it's not a deal breaker. Maybe Evio could address this weakness in Version 2?
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    What a bummer reading the extra reviews regarding the typing position of the Evio, beginning to think it may be a deal breaker for me and perhaps I should go with my second choice, the one of the Maroo cases. Do you think this unsteady typing position is still an issue if the iPad is used in conjunction with the Origami workstation - I do intend to purchase that as well.

  10. jsh1120, Jan 21, 2012
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    No, the typing issue doesn't exist when you use the Origami Workstation. No problem at all. The "slot" in which the iPad sits in the OW is wide enough to accommodate the Harmony cover without difficulty, either in landscape or portrait.

    As far as the Harmony vs the Maroo cases is concerned, I haven't seen one in person, but I do think for typing the Maroo is superior. I like the looks of the Harmony so much that I'm still partial to it and since 99% of my typing is with the iPad in the OW, the instability of the kickstand isn't a dealbreaker. But if it is for you, I think you could also be confident that the Maroo would fit in the OW, as well.

    P.S. The OW is without doubt the best accessory I have for the iPad. I could never put up with the onscreen keyboard.
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    Thanks again, jsh...I'm still favouring the Evio after all! Cheers.
  12. Young Turk, Jan 21, 2012
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    Well, I'm a minimalist type guy, trial lawyer. Drive a Porsche. Use my iPad in court and in trial. Based on the OP, ordered mine today.
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    Go with the harmony ipad 2 case by Evio! Its hands-down the best folio iPad 2 case on the market in my opinion.

    I love the fact its just a sleek and light-weight case but also has a good grip. Not sure what material is being used but it sure feels great to hold.

    Yes it doesn't really have an "official" movie viewing angle but you can still manage to place the case in a position to watch movies at a comfortable angle...so I'll live with that being a minor issue.
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    I received mine. Like it a lot, but I'm selling it. PM me if interested.


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    I heard Lebron James is using the Harmony case, he must be using it to represent his black and red Miami Heat color :D
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    Just curious. Why are you selling it?

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