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Exchange is nice and all, but

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by corbywan, Mar 6, 2008.

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    What about all this cool enterprise stuff, the iPhone, and Apple's own server stuff? CalDAV push? Address Book push?

    What do non-Microsoft houses use for group/global address books, calendaring, and all that?
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    Sky Blue

    We use MDaemon and Meeting Maker.
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    Yeah, meeting maker makes me queasy, but we still use it too.
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    But does meeting maker play nice with iPhone? I guess that's my question in this.

    Am I going to have to get an Exchange Server to do everything Apple did today for enterprise, or will any of that function with standards-based stuff that much of Apple's environment is based on?
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    im wondering the same...i am now totally on mac.... getting rid of my last windows box. so what does mac offer for/comp to microsoft exchange server. love all the push....plus wipe of iphone.

    yes i do use microsoft office 2008 for mac anything offered there for exchange sever etc.

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    Sky Blue

    haha, Meeting Maker doesn't play nice with anything :rolleyes:
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    So really, what are Mac-houses using for shared contact and calendaring? Is it unrealistic to try to be a pure-mac enterprise environment? And add to that iPhone/touch as a PDA integration?
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    Mac-only operations can still use Exchange. It simply links Entourage (email and calendar) into a network or portable device (Treo etc.)
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    If a mac-only house was using Exchange, they wouldn't be a mac-only house, would they? :D
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    What about ActiveSync for OS X?

    I can't wait to get my iPhone to sync with my company's Exchange server, but what about OS X Mail, AddressBook and iCal??? It would be great to use those apps instead of Entourage, all syncing in near realtime with my iPhone.
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    How about Leopard Server for the iphone

    Does anyone knows if iPhone 2.0 will be able to sync over the air with Leopard Server.

    Wouldn't that be the natural step for Apple ? To integreate the iphone with its own calendar server ?
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    If you are a pure non-Windows shop you could probably use Zimbra as an Exchange replacement. It supports CalDav, just like Leopard iCal does (and presumably iPhone iCal as well).
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    Wow! Zimbra looks pretty cool. I hadn't run across is in my collaboration research. And the fact that the Network Pro edition support iSync (presumably Sync Services) is especially cool and intriguing.

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