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Exchanging MacBook. Easiest way to back up?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by kappei, Nov 27, 2012.

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    I just bought my first Mac, a MacBook Air, and I'm mostly really pleased with it but I'm going to exchange it for a MacBook Pro for the extra power.

    Since it's my first, I'm pretty new to the OS, so I was wondering what would be the easiest way to carry over my stuff from the MBA to the MBP? I've tried to look it up but most of the solutions require another Mac, which I do not have. Any help would be appreciated.
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    external drive
    Time Machine > backup to external
    new mac < restore from backup
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    Maybe you can elaborate a little, particularly the last step.

    I ask because the MBP and MBA are two different machines, with differences in hardware - not least of which might be the type of storage, depending on the type of MBP chosen by Kappei as a replacement for the MBA. (Hard Disk Drive or SSD)

    Restoring one to the other by complete replication of the System may result in conflicts.

    Kappei, where did the files on the MBA come from btw? Do some of them exist exclusively on the MBA or did you already have them and did you perhaps use another type of storage or a previous computer to set up the MBA?
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    This isn't gospel but I've never had an issue restoring a TM backup from one Mac to another, of any type, as long as it supports the OS - I presume there's a lot of driver redundancy built-in. G4 iBook -> Intel iMac for example.

    If you want to play it safe you can use Migration Assistant instead but that would require having both computers at the same time (which it sounded to me like the OP may not if they are exchanging it) and they need to be networked. I tend to use that more if I'm just shifting individual accounts.
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    I was thinking about suggesting using the Time Machine Backup you recommended for transferring files and settings from the MBA by connecting that external drive with TM directly to the new MBP right after the first Start Up. When Set Up Assistant comes to the screen "Transfer Information to this Mac" it will be possible to select "From Time Machine or other Disk".

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