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EXiM Anti Glare Screen Protector for iPad - Mini Review

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Matt.H, Jun 14, 2010.

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    So I know a lot of us UK people are struggling to find a somewhat decent anti-glare screen protector for our iPads. After a while searching and thinking, I caved, and bought one of these from eBay.

    The listing boasts 97% clarity, and for £10.99 I thought it would be worth a go.

    It came really well packed, with a strong piece of cardboard so it couldnt bend in transit. Afterall it was coming from Hong Kong.

    It took a couple of weeks to arrive.
    Heres the packaging/sleeve it came in (which was against a piece of strong card in the envelope)

    Application was no different to any other screen protector, it went on fairly easily, apart from one bubble where I made a tiny crease pulling the backing off.
    With my old Sony camera it was difficult to get a decent close up shot, but I've had a go, and here it is:
    Overall I'm very happy with it considering its cost, and its much better than the cheap clear one I had on before!
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    How is the clarity when reading text? Is it blurry compared to without the protector?

    How is the feel? Smooth or rough?

    How are the colors? Does it feel muted compared to the naked screen?
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    If you have used an anti glare screen protector before I'm sure you'll be used to the effect it has.
    What I can say though, is that I personally do not feel the text is blurry. Its much better than the cheap anti glare I have on my phone.

    I prefer the tactile feel of it, obviously it isnt as smooth as the glass, although I feel my fingers slide over it with ease.

    And I dont feel that the colours are at all muted. The brightness of the screen is a bit reduced, but benefits outweigh any negatives of it. Its nice to use my iPad without seeing my face in the glass!

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