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Existing Verizon Customers Can Keep Their Unlimited Plans

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. MacRumors, Jun 22, 2011
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    AndroidCentral provides details of Verizon's plans to eliminate their unlimited data plans as of July 7th. As previously reported, Verizon will be doing away with their unlimited $29.99 plan that is presently available for smartphones and replacing it with a tiered plan. Like AT&T, however, they will be grandfathering in existing customers so they will continue to be able to use the unlimited plan:
    This grandfathering also applies to future upgrades, so existing iPhone 4 Verizon customers will be able to retain their unlimited plan if they upgrade to the iPhone 5 when it is released.

    Article Link: Existing Verizon Customers Can Keep Their Unlimited Plans
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    Monkey see, monkey do.

    I still have unlimited under AT&T. If they boot that plan when they launch LTE, I have no incentive to stay with them.
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    So glad I got the iPhone 4 when I did. Looks like ill upgrade again in 2 years and get the LTE iPhone. Hopefully by then, my area will be covered.
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    Will the old unlimited plan include 4G data? Will the new $30 2GB plan include 4G data?
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    People that plan to upgrade still get to keep their unlimited? Didn't think they do that. I guess the only people who get the raw end of the deal are people getting smartphones after July 7th. The cheapest data plan better be cheaper than the rumored $30 for 2gigs.

    I'm thinking Verizon has another trick to separate people from their existing unlimited data.
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    Well, isn't it expected that they'll let the millions and millions of people who have the unlimited data plan keep it? If they kick you off the unlimited plan, then you don't have to pay the early termination fee and could leave your contract early.
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    I can lock in $30 for unlimited now, or settle for 2GB for $30 / 5GB for $50 / 10GB for $80? Doesn't seem like a hard decision.

    Only those with modest requirements would be better off with the $10 (75MB) plan or pay as you go.
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    I was holding off for the Galaxy S II or iPhone 5-whichever I preferred when both out-but I felt compelled to buy a phone now. I just picked up a no contract Palm Pixi. It stinks, but its $50 and will allow me to enroll into a 3G contract...

    A No Contract iPhone 4? Much more expensive, and I feel I can wait. I already have a gen 4 ipod, so why get an iphone 4?
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    How generous of them...
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    Lovely Verizon

    AT&T had unlimited data for 3 years for a 100% of iPhone users, in top of all others smartphone users and Verizon gets the iPhone 5 months ago and already about to droop the unlimited data. Like for real? And than they'll be complaining why they are not selling that many iPhones.
    I guess they are not that good in marketing.
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    Rodimus Prime

    Verzion "teir" data sucks. AT&T is by far better and AT&T at least provided encouragement for people to switch off unlimited.
    Going down to 2 gigs nets you 60 bucks a year. For the low users they could cut their data bill in 1/2. I know quite a few people who jumped at the change to cut their their data bill in 1/2 because they used less than a 100 megs a month and felt like they were getting the short end of the stick having to support the 10+ gigs users.

    If on a high month you use 1.5 gigs then dropping down to the 2 gig plan on AT&T is well worth it because even on a high use month you still have 500 megs of free data left to use.
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    Grandfathered from feature phones?

    Can I get grandfathered in if I get an unlimited data plan on a feature phone and when it comes time to renew my contract (after 7/7/11) upgrade to a smartphone? Would that grandfather me into unlimited on the smartphone? I've heard from several sources and some say that I can and others say that I cant....
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    I agree that tier pricing is good in some cases. However, it's pointless if the carrier, specifically AT&T, doesn't allow you to get more than 2 GBs per month. What about the "10 GB per month people" who had an unlimited plan? They're supposed to use 1/5 of the data they were previously using for pretty much the same price? I don't see why AT&T doesn't offer more data for a higher price, instead of the ridiculous overcharge fees excuse. For example, 4 GB for $35 (no tethering), or 7 GB for $65, etc.
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    No you can't not

    The only thing you can do is get a smartphone before July 7 and than you'll be allow it.
    Most of feature phone charge like 10 bucks for unlimited data. So you could see that they won't allow you to carry the unlimited from a no smartphone
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    Oh? I thought unlimited was $30 regardless. And what throws me off is that some sources say I can get grandfathered in from a feature phone and others say I can't :/
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    So much for the old "competition is good" garbage.

    I think instead of the customers saying that, the corporations are saying "price fixing is good". (referring to neither company trying to outdo the other).
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    You can't

    No you can not

    Grandfathered is allow just to smartphone users.

    Feature always going be the same.
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    I have a proposal for the mobile carriers.

    Since I have to pay for a 10GB plan because I occasionally go over 200MB but never use even close to 1GB of data, how about throwing in 10 to 20 free text messages? You'd be still ripping me off. We all know those text messages cost a fraction of a cent so you really aren't losing any money by pretending to care. You'd appear to be thieves who care.

    How about 1 text message = 500MB of my data? Deal?
  19. BigDukeSix, Jun 22, 2011
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    Jerome Morrow

    Absurd pricing anyway.
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    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8J2)

    I called last night, added a new line with an old phone I have, and added unlimited data. Sales rep was unaware of any add a line unlimited data restriction. And since I am using an old phone, I am contract free and can upgrade any time.
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    wow, talk about screwing over new customers. i'm glad i got our iphone 4 before this came around. anyone holding out for an iphone 5 would be wise to get an iphone 4 NOW to avoid the outrageous data pricing.
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    I certainly hope so. I just bought an iPhone4 for just that reason. I'd be PO'd beyond belief if I bought the iPhone 4 now and didn't get Unlimited for at least the next 2 years. I'll be fine if I'm forced out when I buy my iPhone 7 in 2013.
    But if I could have waited until Sep for the iPhone5 I would have. But Unlimited is just too good a deal now to pass up.
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    I am coming to the conclusion that I better get my IPhone 4 now, and unlimited data, even if I will NEVER come close to using even 2G per month. I just pisses me off that they could not come up with something better, especially for folks who have family plans with multiple lines. I really hate giving them $60/mo for two line for two IPhones. But, like you said, at least when the 7 comes out I will still be unlimited. I am actually even thinking that maybe I will turn on the unlimited data, and then wait for the 5 to come out since I am past contract on the LG feature phone.
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    I have an LG Dare right now, I really want to wait till the iPhone 5 comes out to upgrade. I don't have a data plan now but I hope I can add the $30 unlimited to it so I can upgrade to the iPhone 5 with it. If not I might have to go for the iPhone 4.

    Also I don't think I'll touch 2GB but I will definitely use more than 75MB... It would be nice if it was like 500 MB for $10.

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