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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by fourcolourblack, Aug 10, 2010.

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    Ok so I've been happily chipping away in my demo copy of CS5 for a month now, and still haven't found out a way to come out of the Presentation mode in InDesign.

    According to Adobe you just press the esc key. This doesn't work on any mac in my office though. ANyone else having similar problems?
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    Esc key works fine here. If it's like that across all machines, it sounds a bit puzzling and might bear looking into further. Until then, use the same keyboard shortcut to exit the viewing mode as it is to enter it: Shift + W
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    A bonus tip is that when you are in presentation mode you can hit the "w" key to change the background to white, "b" for black, and "g" for grey.
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    Escape works OK here too, on 10.6.4.

    There was an bugfix update from Adobe released this morning, not sure if that addressed this.
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    Ok this is nuts. I do have my own custom shortcuts for InDesign which I just turned off and used the defaults instead. This fixed the issue (even though I don't have anything assigned to Shift + W).

    So then I went back into my shortcut menu and added the shortcut 'Shift + W' to presentation mode. So that now works.

    But guess what, I still can't exit it. The only way out is to quit still. Unless I set a shortcut for screen mode or something. This is very frustrating.

    I suppose this is the downfall of having your own shortcuts though.

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