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Experts Worried After Worm Hits Windows-Based ATMs

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 9, 2003.

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    Love It

    "It's a horrendous security mistake," he said, of specific-purpose machines like ATMs running Windows, written for general purpose computers and for which Microsoft Corp. releases security fixes on a regular basis. "I'm a lot more worried about my money than I was before this."

    Well this is just to much fun.
    You know, banks should do a poll at their ATM's.
    Do you wish your financial transactions and data to be conducted by Windows OS?

    Better write a letter to my bank requesting them to not use MS in ATMs
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    What OS do they want to run. i've updated my mac once every other week, that's no good either. Of course MS is going to update their OS. They guy sounds like an idiot to me. Maybe he wants some unsupported software. His bank should switch to OS 9.
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    What sort of idiot runs Windows on an ATM?
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    this would be funny if it weren't so scary

    Why on earth would anyone want to run Windows on an embedded system? This has got to be the most retarded thing ever. Some idiot is trading familiarity for security and obscurity (obscurity is a huge plus if you are trying to maintain a low profile, which I hope ATM's embedded OS should be striving towards)
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    1macker1, for sensitive and critical application such as ATM transactions, the last operating system you would want installed is one thousands of people try to hack and look for weak spots for, much less one that is similar to 95% of the networks out there. They would be better off installing Skynet on the machines rather than any version of Windows. Anything else would be easily preferrable from a security standpoint.
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    The question is why would they be running any consumer OS. Surely they are smarter than that.
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    How Incredibly Stupid!

    I don't believe that banks would be dumb enough to put ANY Windows variant into ATMs. That creates nothing more than a huge security risk, plus we all know how Windows can be when it gets unstable (which happens to me FAR more often than I can tolerate). I think an insecure, unstable ATM is nothing more than a recipe for disaster many times over.
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    as I type this, the local weather channel is broadcasting an NT Blue Screen of Death.


    Looks like "ntoskrnl.exe" is maybe the culprit, and their physical memory dump has completed.

    I wonder what those little ATM displays do during crash?
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    First Diebold drops the ball with e-voting and now they're using Windows in ATMs.

    Are these guys deliberately trying to undermine our infrastructure or are they just idiots?
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    Re: How Incredibly Stupid!

    Sadly, they are dumb enough. Check out this Wired article for some depressing news.

    Even more interesting, this article says that most of the ATMs are currently running... OS/2 !!!
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    Re: Re: How Incredibly Stupid!

    Oh dear...that is BAD news. I agree; that news is definitely depressing.

    I am experiencing a Safari bug as I type this; I cannot see what I am typing because stupid Safari won't scroll the window down so the entire text box is on the screen.

    <edit>Submitted to Apple.</edit>
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    I got one better, a local QuickDraw at my local Bowling alley BSOD... it was there for a week before a person walked into the Main Branch that they send the signals out of told them he was here to 'fix those computer problems'.

    They lead him to the computer, he rebooted it, opened the application and left.

    No one even knew he wasnt working for the company!

    :eek: :rolleyes:
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    Re: Re: How Incredibly Stupid!

    The world is going to be really scary when we are older. We will all be forced to use Longhorn, pay through .net, use WMP (and he WMP store), of course all music will be WMA, the ATM's we run will be microsoft, The xBox 3 will be the only councel. Microsoft is seriously taking over. And it is going to be scary!!

    Let Mac OS and Linux gain popularity now!
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    Lemme get this straight…
    • They install Windows on a banking machine.
    • They get a virus.
    • They're suprised.
    • They're fearful of what might come.

    Am I the only person not suprised or shocked by the outcome of this? Do the words "Windows" and "Security" when used together not make other people giggle like they do me?
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    Well, when our government gets security grades like this, most notably Homeland Security's "F".

    Responsible for our nation's safety and contracted with Microsoft...oh vey!
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    Thats why atleast the US Army has been demoing Unix based laptops recently like the Powerbook. I have only seen these on the Intel. side however.
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    Re: Re: How Incredibly Stupid!

    OS/2 is not nearly as dead as people thinks it is, and is in fact still under active development. IBM has taken it away from the desktop and retargetted at embedded systems (which had been in the design in the first place, so it's a fairly good choice for systems like this).

    It's not just bank machines. Next time you're in a store (almost any store), look at the cash register. Does it have IBM written down the side? I'll give you one guess which OS is inside there.

    Interestingly in Canada all the teller's computers in TD Canada Trust are running a desktop version of OS/2 (well that was a year ago, I assume they haven't changed). Try to get a look at their screen and you'll notice the difference in the widgets.
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    And a lot of people don't realise this, but Windows 2000 and XP are both based on OS/2 (just like how Win 95 and 98 are based on DOS).

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