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explorer just murders my design!

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by virus1, Feb 17, 2006.

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    ok.. so here is my design: here, but on ie it is all messed up. this is really pissing me off. any tips on converting to ie compatible markup?

    design critique welcome as well.
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    I guess the first step would be to make the site validate, that will make it easier to pinpoint any particular problems.
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    Murdered? The only difference I see is that your vertical dropshadows aren't showing up in IE.

    That, and the top banner/picture appears to be shifted left by a few pixels in Firefox.

    This is all on a PC, btw.
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    The best advice I can offer when designing websites on a mac - is test it everywhere!

    I've had sites work beautifully in Safari, Firefox and IE but the same sight got 'murdered', as you said, in Netscape. Also when I ran it on a PC it didn't work on any browser! It happened to me using Dreamweaver and it happend using GoLive. It's so frustrating.

    I don't know if there's an easy fix for it but eventually what I did was enter in every value for everything. Start with the items that seem to be screwing up. Enter in the height and width, borderwidth, cellpadding anything that can change the spacing or layout of the page. Don't expect the software to understand it always. It doesn't!

    So even if all your borders = 0 and the tables fit your images ... enter in the values! It worked for me.
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    in ie on the mac, it shoves the entire body column to the right of the head picture

    thanks for the tips everyone! ill get right on it and post any more problems i have.
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    well i was just testing for it as if it was the same as the pc version.
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    Wise thought but in this case totally incorrect. IE 6 for PC and IE 5 for Mac are totally seperate code bases. IE5 is a different bread and as said above should be totally dropped for your support.

    As a CSS developer I have eliminated all my IE5mac hacks and simply focus just on making things work in Standards compliant browsers and IE6 for PC.

    The best option is to test it in IE6 and see how it looks. If it doesn't look right it's time to start diving into possible problems with the page (Or the way IE interperts it, because IE6 can mess up the most valid and perfect code in the world).

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    i understand, but i don't have a pc or access to one. any ideas?
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    There's really no way round it. However unfortunately, the vast majority of web users use IE6 on XP and it doesn't render code like anything else. Either you need to buy a PC (any old piece of second-hand crap will do, shouldn't cost tooo much) or get Virtual PC.

    By sticking to validated Strict HTML4 and CSS i can get my sites to render perfectly in Firefox and Safari, sometimes a little odd in Opera, and, with a bit of "breakage", in IE6. I've given up trying to get anything sensible to work in either Netscape 4.7 or MacIE5 (which has to be the doggiest of dog browsers and unfortunately the only one available to our design studio who are still stuck in OS9)

    IE6 has completely non-sensical ways of interpreting floats, margins and padding which i've never got my head around, and only managed to get working by endless "try this and see" methods. You really need a copy of it to test your pages in.
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    Or you could use a service like BrowserCam (free trial period) to take screenshots of your site in different browsers to check for discrepancies.
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    I use RDC

    I've got an old P3 at my office that I can connect to using the free Remote Desktop Connection. It's actually very fast, and it's like running virtual PC without being so processor intensive.

    Plus, if I'm away, I can VPN into the network and still get to it.

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