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Export multiple iMovie projects to one DVD?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by n8mac, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Is there a way using iLife 06 to export multiple iMove HD projects into one iDVD project?

    I have many iMovie projects but want them all on one or two DVDs. I know you can export each movie at full quality and import them one by one in iDVD but I was wanting to save HD space and time. I have already exported all my movies compressed using h.264 .mov and them burned them in iDVD and they look terrible. I'm worried about how much HDD space I would have left after exporting all my movies uncompressed.

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    That's the only way, as each Share to iDVD from separate iMovie Projects, produces a separate iDVD Project.

    Get an external drive(they are pretty cheap these days) and export them uncompressed.

    Anyway, it's recommended advice to do movie editing on an external drive, to prevent undue wear and tear on your internal drive, due to the constant read/write activity during editing.
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    Okay, thanks for the info.

    I have a G5 with two drives, one for movies only. I guess one reason my space is being taken up so fast is I keep everything; the original shoots, the projects, and the exports. Bit of a file pack rat. I guess I need to let go of the projects after awhile then.

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