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Export your iTunes Song List Without Making a Mess of Text

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 6, 2004.

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    Don't panic

    excel will do it

    I don't know about the mentioned script, but if you export it as text and then open it with excel you get a perfect table, sortable and all.
    it takes maybe 5 secs.
    even easier, just copy and past into excel.
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    Well everytime I exported it did that stupid mess of text and im happy with this, I just tryed it out and it works great, and its very fast!

    Rock On
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    Opening it in AppleWorks doesn't work, but copying and pasting into a blank AppleWorks spreadsheet will work. You'll get a perfect table from the text file. I don't have or use Excel (or Office).
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    try XSLT

    if you're familiar with XML, you could always use an XSLT to make your iTunes information into whatever format you want! I applaud apple for choosing to use XML as an export format. . . it's *way* more useful.

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    XML sure is nice... Too bad more people don't know how to make full use of it... I wish I knew how to write an XSLT to apply to an exported iTunes library... I like XML - it's a standard and it's highly adaptable. XML is suitable for just about ANY file format - image, spreadsheet, database, word processing file, desktop publishing file, ANYTHING!
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    As much as I love Doug Adams' contributions to iTunes, this one's pretty weak.

    I use Tunes2HTML from Joe Mallon. Here's an example. :D

    ...and the link to Joe's website.

    (The only disadvantage to Tunes2HTML is that it only parses out iTunesDB (on the iPod). Thus, if your iPod doesn't have all your music, then your HTML file won't be a comprehensive list of your music... just that which is on your iPod).

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