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Expose is Back in Mountain Lion!

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by FSMBP, May 2, 2012.

  1. FSMBP, May 2, 2012
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    With the update to Mountain Lion DP3, the "Ungrouping" of Windows is now available in 10.8! The true old Expose is back (prior to Snow Leopard). (Pic below courtesy of member Kariya).

    I avoided Lion for a number of reasons (sluggishness, poor implementation of Duplicate/number of other features etc). Now, I will upgrade to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard.

    Anyone else doing the same with all that's been going on?
    BTW: It isn't this one feature that's pushing me to 10.8, but a combination of refinements.

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    I'm going to update to ML and try it out today. Might stick with it, even if it's a DP. Currently on SL.
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    Never in my life would I have thought that apple would re-introduce a feature based off of user demand. I might actually start liking OS X again :)
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    I agree. I feel like the ideas of Mission Control (and some other features of 10.7) were half-baked and engineers didn't think of them all the way through. I feel like 10.7 was sort of a 'Beta' and they sorted out the bugs. :D
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    Feed Me

    Probably the best news I've had all day!
    I have never once used mission control to switch between app windows, but I remember I used exposé all the time

    EDIT: any pics?
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    Is the ungrouping versus grouped an either/or or can you key bind both of them?

    There are situations where grouped actually makes sense, even when one does prefer the ungrouped version.
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    I edited the first post to show the image. The image was originally posted by member Kariya.
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    But still no Spaces, eh?

    Maybe someone will build a third-party virtual-desktop product for Mac (hint, hint).

    Well, a girl can hope.
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    The developer working on ReSpaceApp just joined up with BinaryAge (maker of TotalFinder) and it is launching as TotalSpaces.

    It brings back the grid structure of 10.5 Spaces and the developer is said to be working on an Expose solution.
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    What's the difference between Spaces and Desktops? :)

    (My iMac came with lion so I have never used spaces.)
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    Sweet. That's really the only thing that would make an upgrade past Snow Leopard viable for me. :)

    Just googled them, and it looks like they have a ways to go to fully duplicate the Spaces functionality, but they're on their way.
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    This is great. But how about multiple display management? Is it any better? Or do we still get the linen background on every secondary displays when using an app in full screen mode?
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    Wow, this is excellent news! I may let my fiery grip of Snow Leopard go after all, once Mountain Lion is out.
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    Krazy Bill

    It's still not the 2nd coming I hoped for. I can certainly live with windows grouped by application and if need be... simply ungroup them with a quick swipe so I don't understand all the hoopla.

    The problem is Apple's misguided view of what a "space" is. I still don't understand why a full screen deserves it's own dedicated workspace just because the menubar is gone. :confused: Open and close enough of them and the top third of your display is littered with useless and empty desktops. My solution so far is to just avoid using apps in full screen.

    Yeah, I know I'll get flamed for yet another wish for the old Spaces/Expose' scheme. But at least you had a choice not to use either of them.
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    I try not to violate the NDA too often but I'll say the functionality is back and at least on my test machine is glitchy as all get out. I'm excited but it's by no means ready for prime time yet.

    DO NOT take Expose's return as the excuse you've been waiting for to use Mountain Lion as your primary OS. This is still very much a beta...
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    Here's to hoping they keep it in! This is excellent!
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    The only thing I miss is now is the symmetry. They're not re-sized to rectangles; they remain the same shape.
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    The way it's supposed to be (pre-Snow Leopard) :)
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    Now make ML have support for multiple monitors and it will surpass lion.
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    Wow, excellent and unexpected news!
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    Getting to use this feature again is an absolute joy. Makes my life much easier too.
  22. WSR
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    Basically in Snow Leopard each Space is it's own desktop and Full-Screen modes can't create their own Space. The apps just go Full-Screen in its current Space. This allowed Spaces to be arranged in a grid for easy changing between Spaces. For example, I use 9 Spaces in SL in a 3 by 3 grid. I know that the bottom right Space is my mail app, the top right is Itunes, etc. The those apps and others always open in those Spaces and the position of the Space won't move. Thus, I always know where it is and don't have to search the Spaces for where it is.

    In Lion, not only can each Space be it's own desktop, it could instead be an app in Lion's Full-Screen mode without a desktop below it. This means that the number of Spaces can be ever changing as apps enter and leave Full-Screen mode. Also it makes a second monitor virtually useless since there is no desktop below the app for the second monitor to show.

    So to actually answer GoGa's question in SL all Spaces are Desktops. While in Lion some Spaces are Desktops and some Spaces are apps in Full-Screen mode.

    While ReSpacesApp sounds good, Apple NEEDS to give the user the option between classic Spaces and Mission Control.

    Below is an example of SL's Spaces. Note since I have 2 monitors, they are shown side-by-side in each Space.

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  23. Kiriga, May 3, 2012
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    I was very pleased to read about the epic comeback of the biggest wasted feature that I decided to install the dp3 on an external hdd, just so to see it! Well, it needs a bit of polishing, like there are no names of the applications depicted, even when hovering the mouse over the windows, but hey, it's back! The thing that kept me in Snow Leopard all this time.
    Here's a screenshot : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/13/screenshot20120504at948.png
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    All they need to do now is fix multi-monitor support and I may upgrade. This is certainly good news indeed. I'm glad Apple have realized their mistake.
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    I will upgrade to ML day 1 because of this.

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