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External hard drive on Mac Mini as Time Capsule?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by danielwerner, Apr 15, 2013.

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    I'm looking to use my external hard drive connected to my Mac Mini as a Time Capsule? I want to backup both the Mac Mini AND my Macbook Pro (via Wifi) to this external drive.

    How do I make it work? What do I enable on the Mac mini for the Macbook to find the external drive over the wifi? All guides are so confusing. Do I need to have an Airport router for this, or will it work over wifi on any router?

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    Open Sharing in System Preferences on the Mini, then check the File Sharing box, n the right pane add the external to Shared Folders and Add the User on the MBP as Read/Write.
    That's it, you should be able to see the Shared drive on the MBP and use it as a backup drive.
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    Ooh, that sounds great. :) Weither I have an Airport or another router shouldn't matter, right?

    Also, there shouldn't be a higher incidence in corrupted data and such with this solution? I've heard that the only thing guaranteed to work safely is a Time Capsule, but perhaps that's just propaganda?
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    I am doing the same thing, but to make the time machine reliable and bulletproof. I installed server on the mini, before server the back up would fail or take for ever to finish. No problem what so ever after installing server.
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    Nothing will be failsafe, the best solution is physically connected but even then it is never 100% but better than wireless.
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    Im doing the same thing too. Are there any potential problems in using the same external hard drive for time machining two macs?
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    No issues here

    I have a external 2gb drive currently backing up two MacBook pros and the mini server. Running 9 months with out issue.
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    Aside from having all your eggs in one basket, no. Time Machine will keep backups from different Macs separated on the drive.

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