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Discussion in 'Mac Peripherals' started by imjoee, Jul 31, 2013.

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    I'm looking to purchase an external Hard drive. Something under 125$.

    I was looking into the WD Edge 500GB 3.0 USB 60$.

    Is there a huge difference between thunderbolt connection and USB downloads?
    If so, what kind of External HDD will you recommend for me with thunderbolt connection under 125$?

    I just want a hard drive that backs up my Mac. I don't want anything less than 500GB.

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    Unfortunately you won't find a Thunderbolt external hard drive for under $125 at the current point in time.

    USB 3 will be more than enough for your current needs so I'd recommend you shop around for one as they should be well within your budget.

    Check out the LaCie Porsche Slim 500GB drive. Retails for about $80 and matches the aesthetics of the Mac.
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    USB 3.0 maxes out at 5.0Gb/s. You're unlikely to approach that max speed with a complete external drive kit purchased at the sub-$125 price point. So you should be fine.
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    Ok, thank you!


    Ok, thank you! I will look around for 3.0.


    One more thing. What do you think about the WD edge for 60$? 500GB hard drive
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    Never enjoyed WD externals, usually come with a bunch of stupid software too.

    Check out buffalo ministations. Super cheap on amazon.
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    Ok that's good to know! I just want a hard drive where you just plug it in and move files to just to make room.


    With the LaCie, all I have to do is plug it in, (no extra software) and move files to it to make room on the MacBook Air?
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    Plug n Play

    Yes, it's plug and play. Very easy and the transfer is quick.
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    I recently said au devoir (goodbye) to Western Digital hard drives when two of them broke on me in one week. Just bought a nice, new Seagate 2TB and it's wayyy faster than WD.
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    Ok thanks!


    What do you think about LaCie?
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    Every Lacie drive I have come into contact with dies at some point. Some of their cases look pretty cool though.

    I'd go with a Hitachi 1TB 2.5" USB 3.0

    WD's are not bad but they often include an extra partition with their software on it that you can't get rid of, it's in the board in the controller, not the drive itself. Not a big deal if you can ignore it. The other thing WD likes to do is not put a regular SATA connection on the drive, USB only. Which stinks when you want to rip the drive out of the external housing and just stick it in a computer!
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    The My Passport USB3 drives are empty now - no stupid software or silly Virtual CD either! Just a normal drive!

    For OP - which drive you choose depends on usage. USB sends data in bursts whereas Thunderbolt is like FireWire so streams data smoothly.

    If its a general drive for data storage etc, the I recommend a My Passport USB3.0 drive.
    If its for video editing, or 'pro use', then I recommend the Buffalo MiniStation ThunderBolt.
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    If it comes with software just format it..

    Honestly just pick name brand hard drive ie Western, Seagate, Hitachi etc with usb 3 and be done with it.

    Get what ever cheapest.
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    I just want a hard drive to store "back up" my Mac and make some room when I need it. So the WD don't come with a software thing? So I'll be fine with the WD. Which do you prefer, seagate, WD or LaCie?
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    Read above

    Get whatever is the cheapest name brand
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    They are all pretty reliable to be honest, but I tend to always go for WD - never had one go wrong for me yet!
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    I had a lot of issues with LaCie disks, WD saved me a number of times, and don't bother about the software, OSX has enough backup options, no need for extra software :)
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    Awesome, thank you!


    The WD passport can be run through time machine? Is it similar to a back up for iPhone in iTunes? Where I just backs up when you plug it in?
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    I recently purchased the Seagate Slim 500gb for Mac from amazon under 70$. It is extremly slim as the name suggest and very light so def worth considering it.

    I also putchased a case logic case with it whcih is a perfect fit for 10$
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    Right now I'm going back and forth with the seagate slim 500GB and the WD Edge 500GB both are under 100$
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    I picked up WD Passport 2TB last week which is in your price range. It's USB 3, pretty fast IMO for what it is. I don't know or care if it came with extra software on it, I formatted it, plugged it, and transferred all my video content, and started editing, happy that I had some space to work.

    2TB is a ton of space in such a small package!

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    Seems to me....

    you have a wide selection to choose: Toshiba, A-Data, Sony, LaCie, Seagate and last, but not least important, WD. All these brands have externals HDDs under 100, for 500 GB and with USB 3.0

    Not all models are branded "For Apple" o "For Mac", but still are plenty of them useful, regardless the branding. I would go with a WD one, Toshiba and A-Data, in this order of preference.

    Good luck in your HDD selection....:D

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    Great drives. I have one in silver. Highly recommended.
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    The price and the super slim factor of the seagate and usb 3.0 made me purchase it. Its Its definitly a strong contender and a must buy.
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    i got a 2TB My Passport for 116 shipped on Amazon. i love it


    yes. i use mine as my TM drive. if you are due for a backup it backs up when you plug it in.


    neither of my past 2 WD drives had any stupid software... just format and go.

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