External monitor: will it work with PowerBook closed

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Argelius, Jun 24, 2005.

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    I am thinking about buying an external LCD monitor for my 2005 PowerBook. Being a Mac newbie, I have a couple questions:

    [1] Is there anything I should consider when picking a monitor?

    [2] Will the PowerBook operate when closed? (I'm not interested in using both the external and notebook displays simultaneously; I have an external keyboard and mouse...).

    I was previously used to using a docking station for my Windows notebook...

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    [1] Pick something that will be reasonably priced, but bright and big enough for you. It doesn't sound like you're looking for something to do color critical work, but if you are that will impact the price.

    [2] Yes.
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    Although the Powerbook will operate with the lid closed, it's not something that I recommend doing all day long. Notebook computers are designed to dissipate heat through the top with the lid open. At the very least, put your Powerbook on some sort of cooling stand to get air underneath it to dissipate heat if you work with it with the lid closed.
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    How do you get a powerbook to do this, i tried it with mine and it went to sleep. I have a usb m$ mouse and apple bluetooth mouse connected to my powerbook, aswell as an Elonex v799 17" crt and when i close the lid it just goes to sleep.
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    I always hook up the monitor, then the keyboard, when it's asleep. The PowerBook will wake up when you plug in the USB for the KB and Mouse, and you'll be all set.

    You can also start up from many external monitors after the PB goes to sleep, or startup the PB from shut down and close the lid right away.

    As for extra heat buildup - I run like this all the time and don't have heat issues (I've got a Ti 1GHz).
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    Worked like a charm. im trying to get a hold of a better monitor and then ill re arramge my setup on my desk. When o do stuf in Garageband, imovie or idvd, i'll probably open it up just for fear of melting somthing due to the high proc &ram usage.

    Ye... thanks again ;-)

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