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external storage on the iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by elmo151, Feb 23, 2010.

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    from the iPad tech specs page
    will it be possible to add an external disk drive to an iPad using the USB cable?

    will the software recognize an external drive?
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    Maybe. I'm sure the drive will be recognized by the iPad but there are no finder-like applications that we know of. In other words, there is (as far as I know) no way to get to the files.
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    Unless Apple comes up with their own application, I think it will not exist unless a developer decides to make their own external accessory that works with their own programmed application (like an Air Sharing or Datacase external hard drive accessory).
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    This. And/or the JB community puts an app together which allows the USB dongle to be used for external storage. We know there's some type of "file system" though we don't yet know exactly how it will operate or be treated in general, particularly from app to app. But once this is known I'd be shocked if at least the JB community didn't get right on this...
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    Yeah, but remember they have to jailbreak the device first! No telling how long that would take. They've never come out with a "true" (ie non-tethered) jailbreak for the 3rd gen touch, and that's been out for more than 5 months now.
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    This would be just about as possible as using an Airport drive (Time Capsule or USB-connected drive) for external storage. IOW, the iPad itself has to have a "Padnight Commander" or "Light Finder" app to give you access to files, both within its own storage and on the external drive.
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    I'd take tethered if that's what it took :) Just out of curiosity, do we know approx how many 3rd gen touches have been sold?
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    I had no idea you could jailbreak any iPhone/iPod touch without having to connect to your computer and running an application.
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    Hmm.. Let you use external storage or make another $100 to $200 for more internal memory? Which sounds more like Apple to you?
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    Why do this? Just curious
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    Actually, I would too, but considering the iPad has an entirely new CPU, I think it could be a looooooong time before we see even a tethered jailbreak. And no, I don't have an idea how many 3rd gen have sold, but I do remember that right after Christmas, there were reports of a sudden surge in iPod touch usage, which would all be 3rd gens, right?

    You do have to connect to and run an app from your computer THE FIRST TIME you jailbreak any touch/iphone, but untethered jailbreak means you have to do that ONLY THAT FIRST TIME. Devices with a tethered jailbreak have to be connected to your computer every time they need to be restarted or rebooted. Which is not quite as often as you might think, since iphones/touches are designed to be put to sleep rather than turned off completely between uses, so you can go for months without turning them off, but if for some reason your device does shut off, it's a hassle to restart.

    I can think of at least two reasons:

    1. You have more media/files that you want to use on your iPad than the 64GB max in the model with largest storage.

    2. Easily exchange media/files to and from external storage. Say, your client has a document on a USB flash drive he wants to give you, and there's no other computer around...
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    Lets say you travel infrequently and don't want to buy the 64GB iPad. This would let you connect a USB drive with a bunch of movies to watch on your trip.
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    Was there any clarification on whether or not the ipad can share the Air Disk from an Airport extreme base station?
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    This would be sweet as long as you can delete installed movies to free up ram without having to connect to iTunes for a complete flush. ;)
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    You mean like movies from your own home library? I gave up on that entire concept of movie collecting, so in my case I'm just going to rent a few movies from iTunes prior to the trip.
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    I was wondering this myself. On the one hand, they expect you to have a computer to use for transferring, but that defeats the purpose of traveling lite. Maybe they're expecting you to use use Dropbox, GoogleDocs, MobileMe, etc. Yeah, this will be slower but you could transfer movies back and forth. On the flip side their photo app may be able to store videos so the SD card adapter might allow it to transfer videos. I guess we'll just have to wait a month to see.
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    No external memory access likely. Hope they reconsider. You don't expect it or need it on an iPhone or Touch, but the iPad has moved into "real computer" space. It would be the only big screen (bigger than a smartphone) computing device in my house that can't access shared network folders or drives. I'd consider the 16gb iPad at $499 if it could only access and play content I have on my home network.
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    That's exactly it for me. Until they come out with a 500GB iPad I will never have enough storage for all the tv/movies I "might" want to watch on a trip.
    A specific answer to the thread question would really help me decide which iPad I need to buy.
    I'm going on that infrequent trip a week after the iPad is released and I want enough tv/movie stuff to remind me of home for 2 weeks (wifi will not often be available). I could spend more and buy the 64GB but I would rather buy 16/32GB and feel more justified in getting the V2 with all the missing stuff, in...December/January??
    If I could be sure a 500GB external hard drive would work, then that would do it for me - how is a camera anything more than a storage device with picture/movies in a specific format to an iPad?
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    The iPad is supposed to be able to run most app iPhone apps. There are plenty of file and data storage apps available. If there is an adapter to connect a data card to the iPad, then it would be a simple matter to use this as additional storage. That is assuming that Apple allows the existing apps in the App Store to make the change to access the data cards. Apple could allow it, or block it in favor of having you buy a larger memory iPad or use iDisk with a paid MobileMe subscription. Personally, I'm a MobileMe fan. I like it a lot. There is an iDisk app (free) in the App Store. Currently, it allows you to read only. But then the iPhone isn't designed to download, work on a file and then upload. With iWorks being introduced for the iPad, the ability to download or upload to an iDisk folder would be a logical inclusion.

    I agree that a USB port would have been nice, but Steve said, "No". New Macbook Pro models have a built-in SD card slot. The SD card slot is smaller than a USB port and could be included in the iPad without altering the shape and style. I can't comment about the internal logistics of this. But Steve may not want this either. Forcing you to buy the larger memory model. I could put movies on an SD card just as easily as putting them on a USB thumb drive. Maybe in the future, the iPad will have something like that. Then again,l maybe not.
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    The Silliness of it All...

    It's almost an oxymoron to tout the value of the Email - Web Experience and the ability to create Pages, Numbers, etc. elements and yet not be able to access your Time Capsule to move the documents in a simpler method than as attachments to Email...

    Am I the only one who finds this counter-intuitive to the whole "Apple-Only" experience?
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    I am sure there are ways to move your files other than as an email attachment on the iPad.
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    one of the few!

    very few people are aware of what is coming.

    I suspect millions of people will not agree with you.

    Of course, you do not have to buy an iPad ;)
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    What makes you so sure? Nothing even close to that was mentioned in the keynote or as part of OS 3.2.

    I'd be surprised if 3.2 was anything more than 3.1 with additional iPad-specific APIs.
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