Extra rechargable battery for powerbook

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by johng723, Jun 2, 2004.

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    How long does the rechargable battery that Apple offers for 100 bucks or so last? Does it weight down the powerbook a lot? I'm debating on whether or not I should get it.
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    You can not install 2 batteries in the powerbook. The extra batteries normally last about the same as the regular battery. You can only remove the dead battery and put in the full battery.
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    The PowerBook holds one battery - the extra battery is an exact duplicate of the included.

    One thing I find cool is that the PowerBook has a hidden battery which can support it while you switch batteries so you don't have to shut down! I have only one battery but a few people mentioned this in another thread.
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    please delete this reply.
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    Only the 15 and 17 inchers have that feature. The 12 inch you will have to shut down the computer then replace the battery then start it ,back up again. The only bad thing about apple in my eyes.
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    really? i remember hot changing a 12 powerbooks battery just fine
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    I'm not sure about the current model, but it definitely didn't work for the Rev A.
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    What rev do you have. If you have rev b, then I can say yes mine can do it. But, I read every where about it. Nothing about doing hot changes on he 12 inch.
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    do you really need two batteries??

    As others have said you cannot install 2 batteries at once in the Powerbooks. One thing you have to consider is how long do you need to use your Powerbook between charges. If you are planning on using it for less than 3 hrs on battery and then recharging it you do not need another battery.

    On the other hand if you are on the road all day and using it constantly for 5 - 6 hours or so without being near a wall socket, by all means get another battery.

    The batteries are Lithium Ion types so they do have a shelf life. If you don't use the second battery over time it will not be able to hold a charge if you dont use it.

    Have a look at this link on the Apple Discussions site:


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    I mentioned this somewhere before, but just to note again...

    The Al15" does have a new 50 watt-hour battery (viz the new 50 watt-hour battery for the 12" and 58 watt-hour battery for the 17"), but you can only buy the old extra rechargeable batteries, rated at 46 watt-hours (which is even less than the old 47 watt-hour batteries that you could get for the rev B 12", which don't work in the new rev C 12", and are now going for half the price).

    Unfortunate and a little disappointing. But anyway... ultimately the extra battery decision comes down to how often you find yourself on the road without juice in your Powerbook or access to a power point.

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