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F-apple F-steve Jobs F-mwsf

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by Tanker-X, Jan 7, 2003.

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    Steve jobs your an idiot

    Thanks for yet another laptop (12" G4) Big woop! Too expensive.

    Thanks for a Desktop you call a laptop. What the hell am I supposed to do with a 17" laptop! Too Big! Can't use it on a plane.

    Thanks for the Geforce 4 (umm wow the pc had it for like 3 months now)

    Thanks for the rest of the crap that doesnt matter.

    As for the new firewire, thats cool, but that's not worth waiting for.

    Airports suck ass anyway.

    Suck it easy!

    Tanker-X:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    So many people who own stock come in the forums about a month before macworld and post crazy stupid **** just so they can rally there stock up . I own a vapochill 3.7Ghz Intel system and I am very very happy with it. I also like to point out that 3299.00 is WAY to much for 1Ghz powerbook. Check out this place before you look into getting a powerbook


    Also for you overclockers here a good place


    Very Sad Day For Apple...Because MOTO Is Killing Them!!!
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    Take a chill pill dude, I think it was way better than I thought it would be.
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    screw this... anyone else pissed off who just bought a gig powerbook a month ago for 300 bucks less than this new one...
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    everyone just simma down..


    did you forget firewire 800?
    airport extreme?
    backlit keyboard?

    all the app upgrades?
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    ...thank you steve!

    what a stupid move!!!
    o.k., airport extreme is nice, the new iApps MIGHT be nice... but the two new PBs are just plain bulls***!!!

    instead of an high-end subnotebook with a 10-inch screen you gave us two new models that don't make any sense to me:
    - 12" PB vs. 12" iBook??????????????????? c'mon, the 15" PB is portable; if you want 12", get the iBook!
    - 17" PB, are you kidding???????????????? ask yourself, who needs this monster??? some weird people who want to show off and want a semi-portable..? but those guys can buy a large screen for home/office and use the PB as a desktop replacement...

    this expansion of the product line is just confusing for the customers. Steve, please don't maqke the same mistakes other apple-CEOs did before you...

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    did you forget firewire 800?
    airport extreme?
    backlit keyboard?

    all the app upgrades?




    Dude apple is getting killed by moto. Did you hear that guy yell out "STEVE WERE IS MY G5?"
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    God. All you people did was whine about how the iBook needs a G4. And you got it. and now you whine. Pathetic
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    What a bunch of f*cking whiners we have here.

    This was one of the best Macworlds recently and all you can do is bitch about it.

    Go buy a Dell.
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    Re: idiots

    lets get out the flamethrowers ed :)
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    im just bitching becuase certainly i couldve spent another 300 on the 17" but now im stuck paying 3000 for outdated tech... its not like ive had this thing for even six months where this is acceptable... and what about a friggin ipod update... not even a price drop...

    onto happier things though... im glad to see the new iapps...
    and keynote will be the powerpoint killer!!!!!! the updated airport doesnt effect me either way... anyhow, thats my 2 cents or 3000 dollars worth...
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    but you DON'T have outdated tech.

    your PB is still offered as a new model. It's not outdated until its discontinued.
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    but you see... there is a better one now... has anyone xbenched a the 15" pb... mine only benches at like 76...
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    What I want to know is how the f*ck this is a Hardware Rumor?
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    whatever. its not really better. it's like, another spoke on a wheel. just as important. not better.

    and it's only $200 cheaper. spaz.
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    The word I was thinking of wasn't as gracious as yours but thanks for saying what I was thinking. Didn't want my first post to be negative.

    Tanker, I'm going to tell you something that will greatly relieve you. And yes, I am an insider. Ready? Come Closer ... NOBODY IS ****ING FORCING YOU TO BUY THE 17"

    The concept of one product for every market segment went out with the Model T boys. Trust me there is a big market for the 17 incher and an even bigger one for the 12" Powerbook.

    Take a drink, simmer down, masturbate if you need to and if you ask nicely and politely , i may explain the thought process behind this.

    Apple is being wounded by an unfortunate convergence of circumstance. The bandage is what we saw today. Does the term treading water come to mind? And it will work until it becomes necessary to fall back to the second line of defense.

    And yes, I do know what that is, but it's ludicrous to speculate the way you do. At some point, you cross the line from speculation to obsession. On the flip side, you fellows did help me save some $ last month by waiting for today. :)

    You know - it's so simple that you're going to kick yourself in the nuts for not seeing it. And a few people in this board have got it I believe. It was also easy to predict today's move if you're used to that kind of thinking.
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    The only people who are going to buy the 17" are the ones that are going to use it as their only computer. It leans more towards 'desktop replacement' than the previous 15.2". The people who need more of a laptop will go ahead and buy the 15.2"

    As for the 12", that's targeted at people who woulld like an iBook because of size, but need the power of the G4, or since the 12" Powerbook is a bit smaller, someone who'e willing to pay a premium for a small notebook.

    You're a fool if you don't think Apple knowa about the processor problem, of course they know, why do you think that the focus is on laptops now instead of desktops? Design, function and portability are the selling factors in this market, not speed.
    Show me another 12", 1.18" thin, 4.6 lbs, $1999 notebook that burns DVDs. I dare you.

    Apple owns in laptops and that's where they're going to continue to focus until they get better chips in the desktops.

    Off to the Wasteland we go.......
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    people bitch and whine all day about the same old damn hardware, and when Apple delivers, people still bitch and whine all day about it. Shut up.
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    listen up, cheeky monkey!!!
    I did not complain about the ibook and the G3!!! The iBook is good as it is!

    watch your mouth and THINK before you open it. people like you only have their head in order to keep the rain out...:mad:
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    Ok nutso

    Ok. i never said your little kraut butt said anything about g4 ibooks. But it was a VERY prevalent topic here.

    As far as the 12" g4.. find me a comparable PC laptop that can burn DVDs, small footprint, etc for under 2k. This thing is gonna sell like HOTCAKES.

    I also have chatted several people (myself included) who are thinking about ditching their powermac towers for the 17" book, hooking it up to their LCDs and having all their info in once place.

    So yea, those will sell as well. As far as "complicating" the product line... god. It's not very complicated at all.

    They have the iBook, with several configurations.

    They have the PowerBook, with several configurations.

    They have the iMac with several configurations.

    They have the PowerMac with several configurations.

    For people who need a server, they have Xserve with severa configs.

    For those on a super tight budget, they have the original iMac and the eMac.

    There's nothing confusing about it. You're a prosumer? You want an iMac with a SuperDrive. They have those.

    You're an aesthete on a budget? $1199 iMac with CDRW.

    You're a power user who moves around? PB 17"

    There's something for everyone, and their product line ISN'T Convoluted, nor is it deviating (with a small exception--the iMac classic and eMac and Xserve) from the product matrix SJ introduced in 1998.

    They're portable line is well rounded, with perfect options for everyone:

    999 for the budget user
    1299 for the user who needs a bit more fucntionality.
    1499 for the user who wants a bigger screen
    1799-1999 for the pro who longs for portability
    2299-2799 for the pro who wants a desktop replacement but is short on space
    3299 for the travelling pro who needs everything with him at all times and needs the screen real estate

    Get your head out of your fat arse. If only Apple could do the same with their desktop lines.... man.
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    s for the 12", that's targeted at people who woulld like an iBook because of size, but need the power of the G4, or since the 12" Powerbook is a bit smaller, someone who'e willing to pay a premium for a small notebook.

    The ibook was bulky, ugly, childish and not professional. compared to a T30. The new powerbook is perfect as a tote along machine with a powerful desktop at home/office.

    I was looking to get away from using onemachine as my only machine and this is perfect. No way in heck could I walk into a high level meeting and takeout a white chunky plastic looking thing.

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    Hard to please the author of this post. I guess if I were into desktops I'd be pissed too.
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    Exactly...Another great day for Apple. I love the 12" PowerBook...it is the iBook I have been waiting for. The 17" model is Apple's spin on the desktop replacement, which people will love. I won't buy one, but I know people who will.
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    Re: Bingo

    What are you talking about....I bet if you walked into the meeting with the iBook, people would ask you all kinds of questions about it...walk in with the T30 and its just normal. The T30 is nice, don't get me wrong, but all of the Apple portables are just as nice if not nicer...and better tech for the $.
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    Re: F-apple F-steve Jobs F-mwsf

    Errr... just one thing to tell you.... YOU ARE AN *******!!!!

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