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F@H - 20,000 points/week!!!

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Rower_CPU, Mar 31, 2003.

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    I'm amazed, team. Over 20,000 points/week is awesome output. Some of the jump is due to the spike after the servers not accepting WUs, but we've jumped above 12 teams in front of us. :eek:

    Thanks to all the new members who've recently joined, and all the "old" members who've been contributing steadily. Great job, everyone! :D
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    well I did add the Dual Gig machine here at work last week...it's already on it's 2nd WU! :D

    my iMac cranks nicely...but is a little slower... ;)
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    Hm I was folding since a month in my team 11170 ( Luxembourg ) representing my country @ it s best *g*, but i will now show up in macrumors ...
    is an avarage of 1500 pts per month good? If so , count me in the top 20 within one year.
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    This is my favorite image.. Look at that curve!!!

    And Welcome maradong!!! Love to have you helping out... :D And at 1500 a month, you will be in the top 20 in a month! :)
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    Yeah that is nice enought, what are the specs?
    How many machines do you have there?
    1500 points a month is nice.
    50 points a day is good :D

    Nice job everyone...
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    Mr. Anderson

    Wow, that fantastic, lets hope the output keeps on going strong!

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    not long ago i was striving for top 50 now i'm in the dust in the 70s...hehe i guess i shouldn't complain though
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    Yeah, me too. Damn you people with duals and muti-machines! :jokingly stares: :D

    You and me howard 75 and 77th. :(
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    Yeah and here I am finishing my third work unit by Wednesday :rolleyes:
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    If I get some time, I was going to add up all the users who have single machines to see their total contribution... I bet it would amaze us all....
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    Since I felt out of the top ten, I don't think any of those there now are using single machines.
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    Well that's not true. I only have 1 computer. :p
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    I belive that isn't possible, at all.
    In the last 24 hours you uploaded a good 200 points. No, sorry, nice try.
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    We have submitted over 3000 points daily for the last 4 days!!!! And today we have added 4 new members!!


    Welcome to the team!!
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    I joined a few days ago, I added my ghz PB. Not too shabby, not I have to get cracking on the computer labs at school and my dad's G4 towers. Heh rack em up boys! F@H!
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    I've got a bunch on my side.

    25 dells w/ PIII 450's, 8 GW's w/ 1.2g Athlons three servers which don't do much except on weekends and nights (sometimes not even that) and a pair of Athlons at home. Sadly my macs don't do much, my OC'ed 300 G3 worked hard since the begining and only added 10 points just last week. And my 1g PB hasn't been setup yet because he's brand new :).

    These machines require logon's and I don't know if F@H still runs after logout, but these machines usually run logged into generic accounts 24/7.

    I'm a switcher so don't be mad my access is mainly window's and Linux PCs :).

    - bert
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    Nicely done, bert! Most of us with access to multiple machines end up using PCs, so there's no shame there.

    You wouldn't happen to be at UC Davis, would you?
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    Phew! No wonder you flew by me!!! Keep up the good work!
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    :cool: Yes I am, do you know me?

    I'm the student admin for the MAE department

    - bert
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    No, but I assumed that since you had access to that many machines you must work at a lab of some sort, and seeing you're in Davis made me think UC.

    mc68k and I run a lab at SDSU. 50-50 PC and Mac with various other staff machines and servers thrown in for fun. :D
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    cool :)

    going OT kinda:

    I've got a few more systems to setup... I'm trying to figure out how the program works--if it's a service or not. The generic machines aren't a problem but the high end ones need accounts to be logged in. Is there a script to make the program run at bootup, not login?

    I'll look some more, but the answer doesn't seem to pop out to me from their webpage.

    btw, the mac osx script install worked like a charm :) already finished 2 frames.

    - bert
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    If they are NT/2000/XP you can go here.

    It works well.
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    I have a really fast computer? It's an IBM power pc 5000, 512 bit, 800 Ghz, 64 gigs of ram, I built it from scratch?
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    You've been out in the cold too long, eh?
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    I'll set it up tomorrow, the machines all use win2k.

    thanks again :)

    - bert

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