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F/S IDE/SATA harddrives, all sizes *new stuff just added*

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by squeeks, Jun 13, 2008.

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    1x 250 7k2 $30 shipped sold to alecxx
    2x 80 7k2 $25 shipped (one WD one seagate barracuda)
    2x 40 5k4 $15ea shipped
    2x 20 5k4 $10 shipped
    1x 30 5k4 maxtor 12 shipped

    1x 80gb Seagate Barracuda 7k2 8mb cache $25 shipped
    1x 80gb Apple Seagate Barracuda, from 17" imac $30 shipped

    2x 500 $50ea shipped 1x sold to bamaworks 1x sold to alecxx

    all of the above are Western Digital unless otherwise stated, all are 3.5" see this thread for 2.5"

    ive got more too if there is any intrest (mostly 40s and 20s)

    and as usual, paypal only, USA shipping only, USPS would be best, unless you prefer UPS
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    I'm interested in one of the 500GBs. PM me with payment info.

    EDIT: Payment Sent!
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    sold and payment recieved thanks!
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    interested in the 500gb SATa,
    it's the 16mb or 32mb cache edition?
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    Beat you Alecxx! Muahahahaha!
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    I still got one left (plus the seagate)...its the 16mg version bought last year should still have 2 years of waranty left

    i have someone PMing me with intrest though, so whoever PM's me with a selling agreement (or posts that you want it here) first wins
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    alecxx has the other WD 500gb pending payment;)
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    payment sent!
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    payment recieved thankyou very much

    thats all of the 500s

    still have all of the smaller ones available
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    Can I get a model # on the WD 250gb?
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    mfged Nov 2003

    which has now been sold to alecxx / payment recieved
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    How about $40 shipped for the 80 and both 40's? In other words, buy the 80 and a 40, get a 40 free.
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    i guess we could do that, payment info sent
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    cherry su

    1x 80 7k2 $25 shipped
    2x 40 5k4 $15ea shipped
    1x 20 5k4 $10 shipped

    ^ are those 3.5" or 2.5" drives?
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    they are all 3.5"
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    new stuff added

    see original post
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    Is the SATA "1x 80gb Seagate Barracuda 7k2 8mb cache $25 shipped" a typical 2.5" laptop drive, ala the Macbook.

    If it is, I'll take it.

    EDIT: Never mind, I'm an idiot and didn't read the entire OP. Sorry.

    Good luck with the sale!
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    you say that they are all 2.5" but in the OP it says that they are all 3.5 unless stated otherwise which is it?
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    I had assumed they are 3.5" drives, but some confusion has come up in the last few posts, and now I'm not sure. If they are 3.5", let me know, and I'll get the payment out asap. If they're 2.5", I'm not interested, and sorry to have wasted your time. Thanks.
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    wrong key, they are infact all 3.5" regular desktop size not laptop size that was a mistype on my part, the original post is correct

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