F/S iPhone 8GB $320 shipped

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by uNext, Sep 12, 2007.

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    Hello i no longer need this amazing phone
    reverting back to my blackberry curve...

    I have the original packaging and the iphone bag that apple was giving on the first day it went on sale....will take pictures of the phone...it is in perfect condition...i have a screen protector on it so no scratches on the screen works like new....I have sold a couple of computers here n macrumors....
    so trust me i deliver the goods....



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    I would love this so much, could you give me a price shipped to the uk please =]
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    So has this been activated with ATT then deactivated? I am looking to get an iPhone to use as a better iPod Touch without a cellphone contract. Is this good to go to do that? If so, I am very interested.
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    Just get an iPhone and fail the credit check and sign up for a pay as you go type thing but never load it with minutes. You will still be able to use it with wifi.
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    I could do that, but why not try and save $50? even if i buy a refurb iPhone, the tax will be $30, I can get this for $320 shipped.
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    I'm saying do it with this phone! You will have to activate it since he has activated another phone with his service.
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    you do not load it with minutes the take 54.00 out of your account each month if you use it or not:)
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    They do have 3rd party tools to fool the phone into thinking it has been activated.
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    There is also a free software unlock that works. I used it and am up and running on Tmobile.
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    Sold? If not, I call "dibs". :)
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    Secondary dibs!
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    I PMed OP yesterday with no response, so I think there's already a line forming.
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    Still available sent BOB a message and answer to everybody that sent me a pm
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    I tried to PM you back, but your PM box is full.

    The answer to your question is 'yes'. I will be back on MR tomorrow afternoon to discuss this further.

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    Am I #2 in line?
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    Your PM box is full
    I live in Canada and can Paypal immediately. How much more for shipping/is it insured? Thanks!
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    alright i cleared my inbox

    in talks with Bob and kspade yes you are 2 in line
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    What a pity you didn’t reply to my PM. I didn’t have the luck. :(
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    new pics

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    The title and lack of info confuses me. Is it for sale? If so how much?
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    Still available? Interested in trading a new iPod + some cash?

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    Your PMs are full again. I'm no longer interested in the iPhone, so feel free to move on to the next in line if you are still interested in selling.
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    do you want to trade for a wii with 4 games?
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    uNext, Pm me your paypal info and I will pay you ASAP. :D
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    let me know :)

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