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F.S. iPod Nano Black 2GB

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by OKComputer, Dec 27, 2005.

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    Selling my Nano - Came into some extra B-Day cash (christmas babies can never be too sure how many people will actually remember to get them a gift) and I think I may invest in an ipod video.

    2 months old
    Bought from Mall Of America Apple Store.
    Box and manuals incl.
    USB Cable
    Clear Nano Tube

    Slightly scratched (as most first gen nanos are)
    Works Great.

    Asking 175 Shipped
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    hey man sent payment for the mini
    trades on this?
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    Got your Paypal - Will send via USPS on my lunch break tomorrow.

    Sorry - need the cash for the video
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    What defines a first gen nano? I thought there was only one gen?
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    well, they started shipping them with gray pouches to protect them so I thought I should make some distinction.
    Rev 1 instead of 1.1 :)
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    cool i cant wait to get it
    good luck with the sale
    i'll leave you positive feedback here when i get it
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    Ah, not an official rev, but a Mac dorkdom rev. Nicely done.
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    is this item still for sale if so how much shipped to the uk ?
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    I will only ship to the UK if given a verified paypal address and the cost is 8 dollars
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    yes my address is verified so how about 160$ shipped
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    Sorry Id do 185 shipped to UK but 160 is way too low
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    sorry dude i got customs to worry about and for 185$ we are getting in to edu discount area's so its cool my offer stands if u change ur mind ?
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    For those of you in the states- would go as low as 165 shipped
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    If it was white, I would bite :(.

    (haha, rhyming :D)
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    Still for sale - 160 shipped
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    Trade for a video?

    (Not interested in the nano, but do you have anything else?)
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    Sorry, Im looking for a black video and Im not sure I have anything else you need.
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    buy from this guy he is a great seller and ships super fast
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    IPod nano

    What is the condition of it? Can we see some pics of it? Very interested. Pmed you.
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    I can only ship there for an extra fee and only if you are a verified paypal buyer
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    I am a paypal verified customer. And as i stated to the pm i can give the extra fee. Pm me with the price including the shipping that you would like..:cool:
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    I can trade a 1GB shuffle and like 100US for this, please post pics, also would you need any ram (i can trade some) also i might just buy it, but i NEED to see pics first!

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    just curious . . . why would you NOT post pics of your Nano since you *hopefully* must realize that people here will want to see them prior to buying? Duh.
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    I fully intend to post pictures when I return home.
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    Long awaited pics - sorry, had unforseen travel issues

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