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FA: Apple iPhone 4gb

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by cliffrouse11bas, Jun 6, 2008.

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    Up for auction is a great condition 4gb iPhone. Check it out.
    Up for sale is my own personal iPhone. Very good condition and is only about 2 months old. I sent my original iPhone in for repair and they sent me a new one as a replacement. There are a couple of small dings and scratches as with all used phones. The only scratch on the glass is 2 small ones at the top of the phone and is not on the actual screen portion(See Pictures) These pictures are for the actual iPhone up for sale. This is the 4gb model. It has the latest software. It was used with an AT&T account. It could be unlocked, but buyer can do that at their own risk. Battery holds charge very good. Comes with charger and dock. Does not come with headphones. Also, does not come with a SIM card. Please look at pictures closely and if you have any questions please contact me. Shipping and handling includes insurance. Can only ship to the US.
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    Just a heads up - it's against forum rules to post an eBay link without posting a full description of the items being sold within the actual thread.

    EDIT: Looks good to me. :)
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    Thanks. So many rules to keep up with. Does that suffice?
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    would u be cool with ending it early for 200 shipped to me?
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    I am going to let it ride. It is already @ almost $160 with 14 hours left.
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    yeh good call you got 260 for it haha

    what people will pay for these guys still astound me.

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