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FA: AppleCare for iPhone - $38 (SOLD)

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by alphaod, May 31, 2008.

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    I bought this originally for my iPhone, but I didn't like the phone, so I gave it to my mother who doesn't want the AppleCare either :rolleyes:

    I let the offers go for til Monday; I'll ship it via USPS Priority Mail - $5

    Anyways, I have no use for this so I'll take bids starting at $15. PM me your bids or post them here (but I won't be checking constantly here). Goes to highest bidder Sunday at noon. I'll take PayPal. I will PM you for your address and give you my PayPal address if you win.

    I'll also take a direct buy for $50 + $5 (S&H).

    I will not post who bids what price unless you tell me you want it posted.

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    as long as it can be used on my refurbished iphone Ill take it for 25+shipping
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    Final call. 15 Minutes.
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    Great seller! Code worked like a charm!

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